Around the traps

Nikolai is being rather gloomy. Admittedly, I live in a place where we don’t have to wear masks and we mock our doofus PM, but that took two decades of planning and design. Our leaders do want a dystopia.

In 2020 I became a believer.
We could no longer look out the window and see normal life going on as usual, kids playing in the park, people walking the dog or catching the bus to work. We could no longer go about our own lives unmolested. Elite overreach piggybacked Covid to the point that we were being told to wear masks in our own homes.
We can’t blame the virus for this given its infection fatality rate globally is less than 1%.
Still I held on to a shred of denial – perhaps that year was a wild anomaly; a flash in the pan. Maybe we’d get back onto the the tolerable plateau of stagnation for a few more decades.
At the time of writing, March 2021, I can see that the doomsayers were right. The West is toast. Our countries have become dystopias, each in its own way, and there’s no turning back.
Democracy is largely dead, with the last two US presidential elections considered invalid or at least highly suspect by alternate halves of the population. In other countries the electorate itself has been replaced.
The ideal of responsible government is over. Even the most dedicated Democrats must realize by now that their President is not in charge of the country, and the most dedicated Republicans are beginning to realize that Trump was not in charge during his term in office. We are unsure who is in charge but it is not the people who supposedly won the elections.
Freedom is dead, with all civil liberties being suspended every time there’s a ‘new strain’ we need to worry about. From now on there are always going to be ‘new strains’, which means, conveniently for our oligarchic overlords, that we’ll never be free again. There will be endless new and tedious rules which we have to follow and they don’t.

So it is war: and we did not choose to be at war. At the moment the conflict is spiritual and electronic. There is some blood on the streets, but not that much. This

Another consideration, I suggest, is the recent email from Martin Geddes where he sets out
Five lessons for the effective digital soldier
. Geddes deciphered the Q Anon threads and has written two excellent books On Q, and Open your mind to Change – banned by Amazon but they can be found on line as he, also on Telegram and Gab. All valuable insights on how to prepare and steel oneself for the present and the coming shit storm. It’s pretty unlikely that all these events will fade away — the pressure cooker is brewing and whatever blows first may be more a matter of timing than of the planned dystopia.
To quote from Geddes email today:
Digital soldiers like me and you are involved in real combat.
For we are in the midst of an unnamed war – perhaps the Silent War or the Satanic War. Three noteworthy things define this war for me.
Firstly, it is unrestricted: there is no distinction between civilian and military participants, and all domains are weaponised (think science, religion, food, healthcare, media, etc.). As a consequence, we are all participants.
Secondly, it is irregular and unconventional: this is a war of infiltration (not invasion by men in uniform). The subversion is done using AI, nanotech, and biotech — plus blackmail, intimidation, and cross-promotion of “psychopath club” members. The absence of visible bullets and bombs can be confusing; it’s still war.
Thirdly, it is undeclared: the brainwashed laugh at you for telling them they are at war. You get preprogrammed ridicule, mocking, and hate for questioning their beliefs, and the righteous challenge of obvious wrongs. But once everyone understands we are at war, it is effectively over.

A reply to this was bleak: when it gets nasty, it will get bloody.

I read an interview with one of the authors of the fourth turning. What described is one of the four likely scenarios. The worst one. The best one is that adults will take over and sort things out. The other two were a mix of sorting out and misery.
One thing you missed is economic collapse. It’s one thing if a relatively rich country implodes. What’s going to happen with our broke asses is uncharted territory. Most likely every country in the world gets boned on some level.
Keep in mind that the hardcore blue commies are a relatively small percentage. Sadly a lot of them are in power. I don’t expect them to hold all that fast when there’s a price they’ll pay.
Military won’t do shit here. Those majors and colonels will sing a different tune when people burn their houses and kill their families. All fun and games until you try and shit in your own countries nest. They depend on a whole lot of civilians. Civilians of a type that will surely gum up the works.
But yup, a shitshow. Sooner than later.

The adults are preparing: their assumption is that anyone with moral courage is nowhere near a position of power. I’m not joking about the two decades: I don’t live where the fashionable say it is liveable. I live where there is still freedom.