Boom, Boom, Boom.

This is from American Thinker. This was whispered by conspiracy theorists, but is now in conservative blogs the mainstream is aware of. I would add it is not just the Democrats: all leaders in all nations made a grab for power over a virus which we now know is not that fatal.

It was sold to the politicians, to the scientists, and to the public as an existential evil. This was wrong (Hat tip Stacey McCain.)

But far worse is the absolute depravity of many of these same bureaucrats and Democrat politicians who demanded, without any reliable data, unwarranted economic lockdowns and mandatory quarantines with the primary intent of so undermining the economy and self-confidence of the American people that their nemesis, President Trump, would be unable to win re-election in November of 2020.
For the first time in human history, a nation effectively quarantined the healthy instead of only the sick. For the first time in American history, elected officials on the state and local levels illegally and unilaterally suspended rights guaranteed in the Constitution.
For the first time ever, millions of medical patients in need of preventive medical care were told they could not be served, thus condemning tens of thousands of them to a premature death. Never before on such a massive scale have residents of nursing homes been denied visitations by friends and relatives and left to die alone and uncared for. Under no prior circumstances have those with a contagious disease been deliberately sent to nursing or medical facilities to potentially infect a highly susceptible population.
At no time before have the oversight agencies of the medical profession denigrated and effectively outlawed proven medicines (e.g., Ivermectin and the hydroxychloroquine regimen) because a president mentioned them. To further exploit national anxiety, the reporting of fatalities due to the virus was deliberately overstated to include those who actually died of other causes but had been perhaps exposed to Covid-19.
Thus, the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, the permanent closure of millions of small businesses, the loss of a year’s worth of education and development of America’s children, the unfathomable rise in suicides, the six-plus trillion dollar increase in the national debt and inflation running amok. All to ostensibly mitigate a pandemic that has essentially the same survival rate as a severe flu outbreak.
Yet, this cost to the American people and the nation was immaterial to the Democrats, the American left, and their media allies so long as Donald Trump was defeated and his voters fully marginalized.

The cynics at the Cat are understanding (finally) that what matters is absolute risk reduction, not relative risk reduction. I would add that what also matters is the Baysean concept that your prior probability predicts the post intervention probability.

The takeaway message is that the actual vaccine efficacy is not the 95% we hear but 0.7%, a reduction of slightly more than bugger all. Considering the other concerns about these experimental vaccines and the adverse effects being reported it seems that “getting the jab” is worse than useless and could cause more harm than good.

The news these days is full of dramatic BS about the “Delta variant” and the continuing cluster scare in Victoria. Opinion writers and correspondents want vaccination to be made mandatory. It would be nice if they were a bit better informed and wrote the truth rather than parrot the propaganda. We need to remember that the death toll this year from the “deadly disease” is one. Maybe one day it will happen but I am not terribly optimistic. It is interesting to see the story coming out of the USA. With friends like that who needs enemies?

This does not make the press, and the medical council and medical schools say that spreading false rumours are unethical. And you shall take the vaccine: the pesky issue of consent shall be ignored by the council because you need to set an example to the population. But the medical schools and medical council are now full woke.

This will end badly. The model will not fit the data. True scientists still exist, and they will eventually deal with the jobsworths in power. Which will then lead to class action suits, and a deep mistrust of the authorities.

Which will definately not help if we do get a nasty pandemic, and have to quarantine the ill.