Chance favours a prepared mind

I’m looking for Memes over at John Wilder’s blog (thank you John, for the content to link for) and I see this.

The quote above is by Michael Burry. Who is he? Well John WIlder found the quote, so let’s let him explain.

There is a rumor in The Mrs.’ family, that her Great-Grandpappy, the banker, warned all of his clients to pull their money out of the banks before Black Monday on October 28 of 1929. According to the legend, he was a hero because he saved that money for all of his friends. I heard that as an old banker he was sad, because he always drank a loan.
I have no idea if he saved all of that money, but the legend serves a purpose: it confirms that, in most people’s minds, that there are wise people who can see trouble coming.
…As I said, The Mrs.’ Great-Gramps apparently saved the day for his depositors because he looked around and saw what was going to happen. True or not, it sometimes happens in reality.
Michael Burry did it, and more than once.
Who is Michael Burry? Well, he’s the guy who shorted the real estate market in 2008 and made $100’s of millions of dollars for himself, and nearly a billion for other people in the process.
Christian Bale was movie him in The Big Short. Burry just might have an idea or two about the economy. What’s his take?

See above. Burry is rich enough and socially challenged enough to speak truth. You have to take wisdom where it is.

The bubble is not merely financial. It is in education, where a basic degree should be sufficient credentialling, but I am seeing people waste decades getting more merit badges when it won’t matter.

If you are straight, male, and Asian or White, there will be no place for you. Ditto, in competative courses, if you are straight, asian or white and female. (which is ironic. Two of my sons are the descendants of the families the Kiwi Government apologized for for anti Asian hate and taxes during the early 20th centure).

This will end badly, so prepare accordingly.

  • Do not get big grants or funding from woke organziations. Grow your own platforms. Use brains instead of dollars.
  • Avoid large corporations, in particular aviod leadership lin large corporations.
  • Get out of big cities.
  • Ensure your social profile is as close to horizontal as possible. Make the bastard work to get you profiled.
  • Do the precise opposite of what the MSM/Green/Globohomo promote. This is why we now drive an 16 year old VW SUV: the greens hate them, they are cheap, and we got it before the Doofus PM announced rebates for lithium cars and fins for buying a diesel or petrol one.

Bury can see this. If you cannot, consider what is distracting you from the real risks in front of you. It does not help when the things that will help you are censored.

After all, the people who take decision are not smarter than us, just richer. And they can misunderstand things just like we all do. Of course, their blunders make much more noise.
And so, it may well be that many things that we are seeing around us have a logic. For sure, it is past the time when a certain kind of message could be eliminated simply by ignoring it. Now, it has to be actively suppressed. And that seems to be what’s happening with censorship rampant in the social media. Even the Cassandra blog, even though not important in itself, attracted the wrath of the powers that be. It was censored on Facebook and it seems to me that it is also kept nearly invisible in the search engines. As I discussed in a previous post on Cassandra, we knew it was going to happen and it did.
Of course, this blog could survive even while boycotted by Facebook, but when you discover that you are in the crosshairs of someone big and powerful, it is better to duck down, and take cover. It makes little sense to insist to keep an indefensible position. It is time for Cassandra to fold.

The issue here is that it takes a hell of a long time to build up anything, and not much time to destroy it. The Sothatric aspect of evil is joy in destruction, even if it removes other agendas. I’ve quoted Bruce on this before, but it is worth repeating.

But, Sorathic evil may be hard to understand. We are used to explaining evil actions in terms of fulfilling personal desires – whether the ‘Luciferic’ desires of immediate gratification by lust or cruelty, or the longer-term ‘Ahrimanic’ desires of power and control.
It seems hard to imagine why ‘mere destruction’ would motivate someone when they might instead fulfil their desires?
Well, it does happen. Perhaps if we introspect honestly, we can recognise the Sorathic within ourselves, as at least a momentary impulse?
An example are those resentment-fuelled spite-fantasies directed against people that we hate, or even who merely annoy us in some way that gets under our skin. For instance; day-dreaming the wish that somebody we have come to regard as smug, entitled, arrogant, privileged – will suffer massive public humiliation, fatal illness, or agonizing violence. Or somebody who ‘thinks they are beautiful’ and you ‘wish’ they would suffer a disfiguring accident that would make them hideous. Or when the idea flashes into mind that maybe I should kill myself and leave an accusatory suicide note; so that he/she/they will suffer lifelong agonies of guilt (“That will show them!”).
If you can recognise any or all of these scenarios, then that is an example of the Sorathic evil in you. What identifies them as Sorathic is that the primary satisfaction is in the misfortune of others, rather in gratification of oneself.
Indeed, someone in the grip of Sorathic evil might plot and scheme, expend time, money and resources – and maybe even take risks to his own health and safety – in order to inflict harm on others.

The endgame right now for the 1968 generation — who worship the free love, access to drugs and general degeneration of the boomers (regardless of if they are of that generation or not) is to burn everything down now that their death approaches and the light is fading.

The trick is to avoid it. Because it is not one generation: these people are supporting the euthanaisa legalization that is happening in the English speaking world, not thinking that the day of the pillow is for them. The zoomers are left bereft, and are raging on cliffs hopint their suffering and even death will give them what they are starved for: attention and love.

But we need to recall this: from 1968 to now there has been dissent. The fashionable despise it. The woke hate it.

But it is the way of righteouosness, and we should seek it.

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5 months ago

What to do. At some point, while I’m exercising or doing some other prep, day or night, somebody is going to do something stupid, and the ball will commence. Fear is not an attribute, and apprehension is a waste. It’s already here anyway.

5 months ago

Vox the 100% wrong qby, pillow time eh? Try it. You fought for anything? 60k boomers died anti reds, not everybody went to woodstick, some did hard work. Calvinism is a lie John 3:16

Where I live, the survival time in a rest home is measured in months, and the euthanasia act is coming into force. I want nothing to do with this. But expect pressure to come on old people to day they are tired of life and to requrest a lethal injection. Already happening in Beliguim and the Netherlands