The future of the NZ electric grid is now.

In California. This does not need comment. Why is our future? Or doofus government won’t build new power stations, is taxing cars that are useful and needed (utes) while subsidizing the green executive wive’s Jaguar E pace and Tesla S. Those things chew through electricity, and we are already burning increasing amounts of coal we import because the doofus government won’t let us mine the coal we have or use the natural gas we also have.

Amid a West Coast heat wave that includes triple-digit temperatures, California’s power grid operators have called on residents to not use as much electricity so as to put less strain on the state’s beleaguered grid.
In the past week, the California Independent System Operator (ISO) told residents several times to voluntarily conserve energy, including asking them on social media to stop charging their electric vehicles (EVs) during peak usage times. The operator also warned users to “avoid use of large appliances and turning off extra lights.”
“This usually happens in the evening hours when solar generation is going offline and consumers are returning home and switching on air conditioners, lights, and appliances,” wrote the ISO.
And on June 18, the California Flex Alert Twitter page wrote that “now is the perfect time to do a load of laundry,” and urged residents to “remember to use major appliances, charge cars and devices before #FlexAlert begins at 6 p.m. today.”

I confess that I do own an electric vehicle. It is a bicycle, and it allows me to commute to work most days. But for long trips, a 16 year old VW SUV is big, comfortable, and can be made to run on that energy dense thing called petrol.

SUVs are much less bad than EVs. Be green. Do the opposite of what the ecologal activists say.

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bruce charlton
bruce charlton
5 months ago

Don’t worry – it’s all part of the plan. Electric cars will never replace internal combustion because it is impossible – but cars will be (all-but) abolished (except for Them, of course) – by 2030, is the intention. So we won’t need many roads; we won’t need much power – because everybody’d standard of living will be reduced towards subsistence (except for Them – who will own every-thing). And of course the population will be reducing, and reducing – by various means.

It all makes (demonic) sense…