Advice I can give… while one can still can

One thing I’ve done with my kids is try to give them the best understanding of the world as I know it.

The problem with advice is that it assumes a set of conditions where the advice is valid. If you’d assume that learning how to balance a checkbook would always be useful, sending you back to 1066 or forward to 2036 would probably convince you otherwise, though the Normans might find your penmanship amusing.

The most common set of conditions that we assume is that tomorrow will look a lot like today. That works pretty well most of the time. Heck, there are entire millennia of human history where tomorrow looked exactly like today. “Uhh, Grug make rock into pointy spear, kill mammoth, maybe get Mammothlix and Chill with Samantha.”

A second set of conditions is that today’s trends will continue. This is similar to the first one, but involves, well, trends. One trend is that electronics keep getting more advanced, and the pace of technological change keeps increasing. That seems logical, but . . . well, look around. It’s not like we’re getting any smarter, so there’s a limit there.

There are times when neither of these things is true.

Well yes, things are changing, and the old truths do not apply. Nikolai, who has chosen to ride out the decline not in the epicentre of it, notes that this has consequences. We need to choose for our famliies, and what we choose will affect what our families are.

Do not ask, ‘Where is our Byzantine?’ or ‘What shall be our Holy Roman Empire?’ The things that happen next will only rhyme.
Instead, ask yourself: where is a good place for myself and my family? How might we preserve our learning and culture for a brighter dawn? What new entity might recreate some of what we once had? Nobody knows the answers but these are at least the right questions.
The West will rise again. When it does, it will probably emerge independently in several locations and will not be the same, just as neither the Holy Roman Empire nor the United States of America were facsimiles of their Greek and Latin precursors.
This evolution is essential: the twenty-first century West died because it was too poorly adapted to survive. Our civilization, like so many others before it, has been eliminated by the unfeeling mechanism of natural selection. The heir to the West must be better equipped to deal with reality. It must be stronger, more self-assured and more fecund.

Which brings me to some advice, because principles remain.

  1. Breed. If your children are grown, invest in your grandchildren and encourage (a) skilled trades (b) rural life (c) closeness to family (d) faith and (e) fertility. These things are interrelated: Note that the woke tend to be gender fluid, dysfuctional, and childless.
  2. Minimal Credentials. From a functional and survival point of veiw over credentailling is making you fragile. So Finish High School and jobs is best, an apprenticeship/trade school is good, a Bachelors needed for your profession e.g MB, LlB,, BN, BEng, BA (Teaching)). Don’t do what I did: get a Master’s degree unless it is needed for your profession, and don’t for the love of all that is true, beautiful and good, get a PhD. This is the reverse of the old rules. University is an IQ shredder and the debt you gain will hurt your ability to wed, to raise a family, and to live remotely.
  3. Avoid Debt. No credit cards / Zero credit card balance. No car loans. Minimal education loads (see above). Small mortgage, aiming for no mortgage. You need to be able to move. Living in your equivelant of Gore (Golden Guitars and Hillbilly country in NZ) genreally means you have reasonable neighbournoods and towns at affordable prices. Fashionable property has always been expensive.
  4. Shun Diversity. Aim to find an area where most people are like you. Do not be in an area where a large minority of people are not like you. This led to conflict and land wars when my ancestors came to NZ and the old rule remains: proximity and diversity equals violence: war declared or undeclared.
  5. Stay away from crowds and I don’t just mean live in small communities where everyone knows each other and the local church is fervant for the LORD. Stay away from demonstrations, large public events, concerts, festivals. These are points where you are vulnerable, and if the crowd turns to a mob you are trapped.
  6. Grey Men Live. The Grey man is the one you ignore. Dressed neatly but not noticably. Usual car for the area. Usual home. No flashy jewelry. Not loud. If in doubt, under dress. You want the reavers (urban or rural) to look for richer targets.
  7. OPSEC. This applies particularly in NZ and Canada and Australia and the UK where there are hate speech rules in place or proposed. You have to avoid having your name in public. Use handles. Use a VPN. Have an email that is not related to your name — Protonmail or similar is useful. We are now not talking to each other in cafes: we are talking in private only. Your mielage may vary, but in provinical NZ there are still too many woke.
  8. Acoustic Hobbies. The woke are trying to ruin everything. You may not have a gym. You might find your gym goes stupid. You may lose your orchestra of you play orchestral instuments. Work out how you can keep your hobiies with what you control. Complex things will fail.

COVID should have taught us this. We need to note that things will not return to pre-COVID. Ever.

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5 months ago

And keep in mind that a man’s worst enemies are that of his own family.

That is as predicted. That is as I’ve seen. And that is terribly sad