Tangata Whenua Stasi.

I note that this morning the inevitable happened. Someone who was not Muslim started to use their tactics of terror against the followers of Mohammed. I don’t want to see a civil or racial war in Canada or in New Zealand: however denigrating the native nation is a pretty good way to start one. That is currently approved behaviour.

One has to have sympathy for the family and their relatives. They were in the wrong town in the wrong place and the wrong time. To quote John Wilder. Get out of big cities now. Your race and your faith — shown by your clothes — will soon be a uniform.

Trudeau is horrified and considers that white supremacy is the greatest threat to the Canadian nation. Methinks immigration is a greater threat to that nation and any nation, for immigration is invasion. White rage and rejection of the woke is a great threat to the woke elite, who see Trudeau as a model, not a muppet.

In New Zealand we have had a major series of arrests of members of organised crime networks, most of whom are in gangs, and also Maori. This is being protested about by the Maori party, who also see white supremacy as a threat to the nation. They want arrests for badthink.

Chris Trotter, a cloth cap socialist, old school, notes.

The call has gone out from the Maori Party for a special “joint taskforce”, comprised of the Police and the SIS (and, perhaps, Race Relations Commissioner, Meng Foon, from the Human Rights Commission, who has gallantly volunteered his assistance) and mandated to step up the surveillance (and harassment?) of Far-Right and/or White Supremacist groups targeting Maori.

Even without such a taskforce, New Zealand’s own version of Antifa has succeeded in getting one such purveyor of Far-Right (but not illegal) online content sacked from his job.

What would a national security profiler say, presented with an individual, already dangerously radicalised, who loses his employment amidst a shrill chorus of public condemnation? Would the profiler be concerned that the subject’s anti-social inclinations might be even further inflamed? That his imagination would soon be seething with bloodthirsty revenge fantasies. Scorned and shunned, could he see such a person descending into the criminal underworld and letting it be known that he’s in the market for a military-style semi-automatic rifle?

One suspects a national security profiler, presented with such a case, would recommend that the subject be declared a “person of interest”.

I agree with Chris fairly often, but we are opposed more often than not. I generally think Martyn Bradbury is wrong. Incorrect. To be avoided. But he has been around long enough to know that the powers of the state if weaponized against one side will be weaponized against the other.

Which brings us to the Maori Party’s gasp inducing demand to set up a secret police force comprised of the SIS and the Police Intelligence Unit to hunt down white supremacists.

If any other political party asked to create a secret police force that hunts for word crimes and thought criminals there would be rioting in the street but because it’s the Maori Party and it’s aimed at something we all hate that’s somehow fine?

We already have the tools to catch and find white supremacist terror threats, what the woke activists believe however is that micro aggressions lead to macro violence so ANYONE who disagrees with them is a potential threat.

Being woke is less a philosophical discourse of objective progressive reasoning and more a faith based religion, like a cult.

And where would this new white supremacy stasi get its information from? Why the same woke Twitter cult currently providing it.

So the Maori Party are talking about wanting a secret police who hunt down political enemies using tips offs from ideological stormtroopers?

What do you all think the right wing will do with a SIS-Police Intelligence Unit that hunts down political enemies once Labour lose the 2031 election (yes I think Jacinda can win the next 2 elections) – are we seriously considering setting up a secret police force to openly hunt political enemies with military grade mass surveillance powers?

What fucking planet are you people on?

This is the worst idea in the world and normally I’d laugh it off, but seeing the steep ascendency of middle class identity politics and their triggered feelings dictating policy and law, I think I’ll cry.

Let me be as clear as I can comrades. Don’t get tricked into creating a stasi simply because the enemy they are being set up to hunt is one you like to hate.

We have the tools to catch genuine threats, the Woke want tools to catch people they don’t like. The only ones licking their fangs in anticipation of the extra funding, powers and expansion of their remit are the SIS.

Do not disagree with that. This is how to radicalize the majority, and there is one word for this: revolution. You don’t want a revolution.

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7 months ago

“This is our Canada. We can’t deny it,” says Jagmeet Singh.”

7 months ago

Allow me to extrapolate. In about the third year of a very nasty civil war, it will become evident that nobody fighting in it will remember how or why it got started. And the atrocities, don’t forget the atrocities.

Late comment here: when it reaches that stage, demographics will overcome initial hesitation, and the side with the best logistic chain will win. Then the chances of ethnic cleansing will not be zero

7 months ago

I love how the left is always talking about giving the government extra-ordinary powers and then wetting themselves about how the right will abuse those powers. Meanwhile the right, when in control, never seems to set up those powers for themselves. It’s almost as though the right doesn’t actually have any interest.

7 months ago

Sounds like you are all headed for an Irish Democracy Moment , Belfast circa 1970.