This weeks Wokeness.

THanks to Peter Grant’s weekly meme listfor some of the images this week.

My Woke Town.

I live in an academic town which is primarily one ethnicity: Scots Kiwi. (That includes the Maori, most of whom can rightly claim allegiance to one clan or another). I’m suspect because I was born and raised in Auckland, of Pakeha (English) extraction. This town is different. The Free Presbyterians founded it, and their calvinism has curdled into woke environmentalism.

Petrol powered vehicles were blocked from a St Clair car park as a climate change protest became heated yesterday.
Police were called to an altercation between a 14-year-old climate change protester and a motorist at the Esplanade at 10.20am.
The teenage demonstrator had blocked the entrance of the car park and said they would only allow hybrid and electric vehicles to access the facility.
A driver who was denied access verbally abused the teenager, who reported to police that they felt threatened by the driver’s behaviour.
A police spokesman said the driver apologised for their actions to the protester after officers attended the scene.
Police also advised the youth about more appropriate places to protest in the future so they do not block public roads.

If this Woke Muppet tried to do this in South Dunedin, which is almost as deprived as the suburbs in South Auckland where I grew up, he would have not called the police. He would have been robustly corrected of his errors, and he may have needed the attention of emergency medical people. He chose the safe, middle class, surf beach instead.