Memes. For we have to save the children.

We have to save the children or for the children has been used to drive all kinds of progressive evil. But it can be subverted. This is a classic.

Then there is this.


One of these is wrong.

Background for the reader:

There is now a pushback to the vaxx. Losing people from it does that.

Clapton is the Boomer ur-guitarist. Richard Thompeson is better. Younger players are much better. This one is for the boomers.

John Wilder

Did you think I would not notice this chluthu one?

Which reminds me, I have these saved from a long time ago.

This is not from Wilder, but it should be


Because it is too bleak a time for Doggos.

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John Wilder
5 months ago

Yay! I can comment here again!

Welcome Back


John Wilder
5 months ago