The Day of the Pillow.

A commentator said that Vox Day is basically wrongbecause there is no day of the pillow But it is here. We have euthanaosia laws coming into action in NZ: they are already in action in many Australian States, and in one (Queensland) they are being extended. The slow loosiening of criteria that occured in Belgium and the Netheralands over tree decades seems to be happpening in three years in the English speaking countries.

And as usual, those fascits, multicultural progressive hellholes, Canada and Victoria, are leading the way.

First obeservation: if you go into a resht home you will not find many locals. You will find immigrants. And they do not have the same moral structure of the locals: they do not need tunprgam cneturies of having Christ preached to them. They worship theinstead the Gods of this age.

Of course, he’s too Boomer to grasp that the Day of the Pillow reference is to Boomers being suffocated by the very immigrants whose entry they celebrated working in the nursing homes that will keep them alive just long enough to make sure they don’t leave anything but debt to the succeeding generations.
GenX doesn’t “feel” abandoned. It was decimated en masse by the Boomers, after which the survivors were abandoned. They literally had to invent one term to describe how the Boomers were leaving their school-age kids to fend for themselves. Then they had to invent another one, “Gray Divorce”, to explain how even old Boomers were too self-centered to stay married to each other.

Point two: It wont be a pillow. There is right now, a series of surveys being done to see who will be willing to euthanize. Many people in NZ won’t. but the government is working around that. This includes education in practitioners role in euthanasia. There is a requirement that if a health worker is unwliing to provide euthanasia they must refer to a national euthanasia service which will. The same lawmakers have written to all health workers via their registration bodies stating it is expected that the workers will set an example and get the not vaxx.

Only 10 percent of health professionals in New Zealand are “definitely willing” to perform euthanasia according to a recent survey by the New Zealand Ministry of Health.
In New Zealand, euthanasia and assisted suicide were made legal in 2020 and the new law will come into force in November this year. A new Ministry of Health workforce survey however has shown that only ten percent of health practitioners described themselves as “definitely willing” to provide assisted suicide. A further 20 percent described themselves as “possibly willing”.
The Chief Medical Officer, Andrew Connolly said that the Ministry of Health was expecting about 1,100 patients to request an assisted suicide or be euthanised, although it is predicted that about a third of those would follow through and be euthanised or end their lives through assisted suicide.
In response to the apparent problem of their being too few medical professionals willing to carry out euthanasia or assisted suicide, Connolly said: “Geographical disparities will have to be solved. There will be options there, around whether we can move practitioners around the country”.
Estimates for the number of those who will request death at the hands of a medical professional are derived from Victoria, Australia, which introduced euthanasia in 2019, and data from Belgium, which between 2003 and 2013 found the number of requests for euthanasia to have increased from 235 to 1,807.

I have an American friend. When I was campaigning against euthanasia at the last election she said “The children of those who aborted their babies will euthanize their parents”. She’s GenX. Last night Kea was talking with my sister in law about caring for our parents. How hard it is. How it is their duty. They are both Gen X.

But I expect the boomers to choose the day of the pillow, and remove the idea of palliation and dignity for what they see as a their choice. That choice is cheap, and it will damn them.

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jorgen b
jorgen b
5 months ago

GenY checking in. I don’t hate the boomers as much as everyone else seems to. At least not my own parents. But mine didn’t have any abortions. But I also saw someone mention on Vodxay in the comments that just as GenY has been forgotted and lumped in with Millenials there was a Generation between Boomers and X, what did he call it, the Jones Generation? Maybe my parents aren’t actually Boomers then.

I’m Gen Jones and we are limped with boomers and Gen Y is limped with Gen X. We are talking here about patterns.

There are those who have lived rightly in every generation. But the progressive turn just after I was born has caused destruction to the third generation.

I am enjoying Vox Days boomers posts right now FWIW