You Ain’t Cynical enough to get the Hustle.

It appears that Google has hired an antiSemite — and that this has led to demands that this person resign. Stacey McCain notes that the diversity hires are not there to do anything: they are there to stop lawsuits. It is the productive part of the population that is fungible.

No major corporation ever fires a “diversity” hire. You may think that’s sarcasm, but ask around. Any honest corporate lawyer will tell you what “diversity” means in practice. It is essentially a code-word for a preemptive defense against discrimination claims. The function of “diversity” is to enable the executives to claim that, because the company has a certain percentage of women and minorities in their workforce, therefore can’t be guilty of illegal discrimination. So if a disgruntled female or minority employee files a discrimination lawsuit, the bosses point to the numbers — tabulated on a spreadsheet by the HR department — as proof of their innocence. It’s the same reason you see all these corporations acting “woke.” You think these million-dollar-a-year corporate executive types really give a crap about LGBTQ rights or BLM or “climate change”? Bullshit. They’re all about the Benjamins, baby. They just have to talk “progressive” to keep their money-machine rolling.
Y’all just ain’t cynical enough to understand the hustle.

Hence the title. But this does not last. It cannot last. That way lies anarchy, and Nikolai thinks Anarchy is our future.

Formal secession is unnecessary. Look again at that map of Africa: power has shifted countless times since decolonization but the borders are about the same. They are indeed just lines on a map.

Western states are becoming weaker. They will soon have less money for maintaining order and providing basic amenities. Demands upon coffers and printers for handouts, corporate welfare and overseas interventions will continue to grow as the organs of government are increasingly captured by special interests. The one special interest group that has little access to the halls of power is ordinary people; i.e. you.

This will make provision of one’s own order and public services more and more necessary as time goes on. With this burden comes increasing opportunities for self-determination.

Communities that do not require much from the State, and which do not challenge or bother the State, will be able to govern themselves just as inner-city US blacks and European Muslims do already – and just as settler communities once did long ago.

If it would be a major hassle to repress independent communities, and if they don’t cause the official government enough grief to motivate them to make such an attempt, they may leave those communities alone. Western nations will reach this tipping point once trying to regain control of unofficial autonomous regions becomes More Trouble Than It’s Worth.

Of course, one day most communities will want to return to formal, responsible government. We are not savages. However, that is a way off.

It’s worth noting that the tribal divisive troll who is currently both minister for current affairs and minister for local governement says that fixing the :”three waters” — drinking water, sewage and stormwater — will cost about the same amount as the total sovereign debt NZ has, so she’s trying to get this done by large regional authorities with Maori Tribal co governance.

Forgetting that NZ gets floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis commonly. We had a flood last week — and the main road north is blocked. It is better to do local water. It is what local government is about. Unless you are a politician, in which case it is all about your ego.

The correct approach may to be off the grid, and make it difficult for the government to regulate you: but that requires we revert to tribalism. Pray that does not happen: historically the English were piratical, feral, and good at it.

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4 months ago

And some of us are not merely English, but Swedish, Irish, German and Scottish… entire countries full of people that the Romans thought it was too much of a pain in the butt to rule……