Minimalism and a rattling fan.

A couple of years ago I sold my camera collection. All of it. I did the same thing with my guitars. I’m left with one guitar, two antique folding cameras, and a fuctional mirrorless system. Downsizing was necessary as we moved from Casa Weka — a five bedroom family home to Casa Kea — three bedrooms. It also helped clear the mind

I’m finding the same thing is happening with electronic gear. I’ve had the “spare laptops” I kept around die over the last two years, and now I’m down to one laptop which is from work. Most of my blogging and photo processing is done on an updated desktop.

Which now has a rattling fan. My cure for this is to call the man who made it, and in the meantime listen to more music as I work.

Someone, somewhere hates you and will try to take your place down.

The example I have is from John WIlder, who wrote a thing of beauty about Joe Biden, or whoever is using Joe Biden as a skinsuit.

Wilder Wealthy and Wise uses the same software as I do, but I’ve done a fair amount to harden this place. Someone did not like Wilders message — and the blog was down. Hard.

Censorship is the main story in the Violence and Censorship Update. The first story starts with:
Of the 1,569 some-odd days that this blog has been operational, it has gone down twice. The first was because of (as near as I can tell) a botched update of the WordPress® version software. It was down for just a few hours on a Saturday. The post that was up wasn’t anything more or less controversial than usual. It probably involved PEZ©.
Last week, however, I experienced an . . . unusual outage. It was while this post (The Wilder Response To Mr. Biden) was up and running. The entire site shut down just as one of the widest audiences that I’ve ever had was coming by to read that story. After hours of wrangling and two botched solutions, the blog was back up and running.
Who was it? I have a good friend who knows about such things, and he thought that it didn’t smell right. Rather than a big government conspiracy, it was, he thought, more likely to be an amateur who didn’t like the message. To be sure, the wheels of government are so large and we are all so tiny that any of us (any, up to and including Gates and Bezos) could be crushed by it and it wouldn’t even slow its spin.
So, a message? A coincidence? As people tell me, there are no coincidences. Regardless, I write.

One of the places I go frequently, Adam’s place, is down about once a week at present. Which is annoying, I use his links all the time….

I cannot recommend cleantalk highly enough. It stops this stuff cold.

Crypto can be stolen.

This is a local story. Yes the cops were robbed, but note that they also acquired the BTC of a ransomware hacker. The authorities understand crypto, probably better than you do.

Hackers apparently stole NZ $45,000 (~USD $32,000) in BTC from a New Zealand police wallet, which was to be used in a money-laundering investigation, according to the New Zealand Herald.
The police intended to use the BTC in an undercover controlled purchase of illicit drugs. However, a non-police entity purportedly obtained control of the private keys necessary to access the wallet and withdrew the cryptocurrency for themselves.
The police still do not know who stole the bitcoin, though the Detective Inspector Stuart Mills of the New Zealand Police National Organized Crime Group says the actors are “likely based overseas” and the “offending was part of a wider fraud targeting Bitcoin wallets,” reports the New Zealand Herald.
Investigations into where the money went and how culprits breached the private key are still ongoing.
It should be noted that the New Zealand police are not wholly unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. Last year, New Zealand authorities seized around USD $90 million worth of BTC from Alexander Vinnik, the alleged operator of the now-closed crypto exchange BTC-e who is to serve five years in prison for crypto-based ransomware fraud.

There will, eventually, be a banking system for small things that will work better than the current credit card/paypal system. But it is not yet.,

If you buy anything using crypto, ensure that it is legitimate, because the cops are in this market, monitoring it.

Kiwi official advice Kaseya

This is added as a public notice. From Red Radio (Radio NZ)

CertNZ is warning New Zealand organisations using Kaseya VSA software to manage their IT infrastructure they may be at risk of an attack by a Russian-based ransomware.
The cyber security watchdog says the Florida-based company has reported some of their customers using the remote management and monitoring software have had their devices encrypted by REvil ransomware.
In a statement on its website, CertNZ is urging all Kaseya VSA users to shut it down until further notice.
Kaseya has clients and partners in New Zealand.
American cyber security company Huntress Labs said the hack targeted Kaseya before spreading through about 200 – and rising – corporate networks that use its software.
Kaseya provide IT management software for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) – inkling clients and partners in New Zealand.
Kaseya has previously publicised its links to New Zealand-based CodeBlue and other AustralasianIT companies, including BigAir, Datacom, eNerds, Leap Consulting, Surety IT and Ricoh Australia.
CodeBlue said it was confident will be no impact or risk to its more than 300 customers across New Zealand. Its investigation had shown no indication of an issue or any compromise on its network and no suspicious or abnormal activity.

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4 months ago

Saw a funny meme the other day, can’t remember where, but it was a takeoff on the FB warning which said the following:

“Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an Albigensian Heretic?”

I LOLed out loud.

(Awkward if I saw it here at DB)