The death of a laptop.

I’ve been running a laptop longer than I’ve known Kea, and that is more years now. We keep on getting these memories courtesy of the AI at Google (programmed to increase your addiction to the Google) from years ago. This laptop has been around longer than that.

The screen is breaking, and the wifi is gone: a USB wifi card is now sitting broken in a USB port and all the connections are loose. It’s at end of life.

Not merely the years, the mileage. I have used it for years to test various distros and OSes, from memory it has run on:

  • Manjaro
  • Arch Linux
  • Kaos Linux
  • Open BSD
  • Lubuntu
  • OpenSuSE tumbleweed
  • Crunchbang
  • Sidux
  • Fedora Rawhide.

And I’ve probably missed a few along the way. High mileage, many years… and now gone.

That leaves me with the work stuff (which is apple) and that is becoming something you should avoid. Hat tip Didact for this.

People who have a pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter defibrillator should be aware that the magnets used in the wireless charging technology for the series 12 models of the Apple iPhone can affect how the cardiac devices work if the phones are stored or used in close proximity to the implanted cardiac device, according to new research published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an open access journal of the American Heart Association..
In a small study, researchers found when the phone was held directly over the skin near the implantable cardiac devices or directly over the still-packaged cardiac device, the magnetic technology in the iPhone 12 Pro Max® caused interference in nearly 80% (11 of 14) of the pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators evaluated.

There is a long list of modern Apple devices that could do this, including their watch. Apple suggests a workaround.

Apple says to keep the products listed below a safe distance away from medical devices — more than six inches apart or more than 12 inches apart if the Apple product is wirelessly charging.

Go there for the whole list. Be aware that Samsung and Haewai have similar advice about their modern devices. The same site (BBC) quotes a researcher who has a pacemaker and says there is nothing to worry about… despite the paper.

The truth must be censored.

This is from John Wilder, who produced a period of high traffic. Then… crickets. He describes it like this.

On Monday, I was experiencing the highest traffic this august blog has ever gotten. People were coming here so fast I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough coffee cups and hand-tatted doilies. More people than live in Modern Mayberry were coming here every hour or so.
Thousands of people! Good Heavens!
In the middle of this, an extreme social faux pas. It was like my cat had impregnated an English princess.
My little missive discussing exactly what I thought of Mr. Biden’s idea that his F-15’s and nuclear weapons beat up on our modern sporting lawyers and BUFFs like me went dark. Gone. Epstein didn’t kill himself, and neither did my blog.
Boom. Gone. For hours, the entire blog went was as dead as Hillary’s woo-hoo has been since, oh, wait, there’s a limit on Epstein jokes.
To be clear: I don’t host this website on a computer built with chicken wire and parts from a 1996 Packard-Bell© tower I found in the recycling bin and some toner cartridges from a 2003 Hewlett-Packard™ laser printer and some used chest-hair grease.
Nope, I save that stuff for the heart-lung machine at the local hospital. This website is hosted professionally. I had a thought that it might get popular, so the hosting I got was the “So You Think You Might Be Drudge® Someday Sucker” package that guaranteed I’d be covered unless Bernie Sanders finally admitted he liked being a multi-millionaire.
The sum total of Internet bandwidth required to host this blog is tiny. You can stuff the entire blog – every word and every image ever – into 30 megabytes.

There is no way that the blog was stressing the server. There had been 25 days since the last software update. Everything was nice and stable for tens of thousands of views over the weekend.
But then, when it was really getting going, as the view streamed upward like Joe Biden after a transfusion of young human blood?
The entire blog was as gone as George Floyd’s criminal record.

In 2021, many companies (or gover1nmental agencies) demand your soul.
This is your choice. If you pretend, there are only two outcomes. They’ll end up firing you, or end up owning your soul.
Not a hard choice for me. If you were 22 today I’d tell you – avoid the Leftists. Avoid Leftist companies. Avoid Leftist jobs.
As for me?
Wilderwealthywise? I own the domain name. I have the backed up files. If they take me down?
I’m really down. But I don’t worry.
Someone will replace me. Next man up. And there are millions of us. One down, next up.
That’s why we’ll win.
“They can’t stop the signal, Mal. They can never stop the signal.”

Apologies to John, for quoting half his post. This site has been up now for a couple of years. It has a fairly robust stack, is professionally hosted, and has professional backup and antispam.

And at times the bot count is high… not as high as Adam’s site which has 503 errors every second day.

To quote Didact, pay for professional hosting, then the company owes you, not you the company.

Travel notes.

  1. Hotels that have wifi that is easy to connect to rock. But if your shower does not work, that trumps wifi. Security >> Shower >> electronic stuff.
  2. Never check your laptop or medications in.
  3. Do not carry multiple bags onto the plane. You are allowed ONE bag and a coat. Not three bags stuffed to maximum and two coats and a laptop sleeve (the person in front of me, yesterday)
  4. I hate having to wear Jacinda’s nappy (sorry face covering). After two hours it is rank, and I was on a plane for four hours yesterday.
  5. Emus are scary up close and personal. (Wellington Zoo has a “neighbours” section, and my son reminded me that every animal in Australia will try to kill you.)

  1. Don’t go over dams when the wind is over 100 km/h.

We have videos of both of the above, but they take up too much bandwidth. This is supposed to be a lightweight blog.

And yes, we are traveling most of this week while the tradies take over Casa Kea. Things may be late.