The regulation shall intensify.

Youtube has decided that the use of certain medications and prayer is misinformation. Only those who do not blaspheme the Zuck will be accepted on facebook. The following screenshot should be self explanatory.

There is a simple answer to this. You don’t need facebook. Don’t be there. Or Linkedin. Or twitter. Or instagram.

It’s really not worth it. I would delete my Twitter account if it wasn’t still “suspended” and I have deleted my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts even though I hadn’t been using them for years.
Remember, everything you post can and will be used against you, by people who actively hate you. Don’t give them the ammunition. If friends and family want to stay in touch with you, they can email, telephone, or write.

This is a time of crisis. If you are required to have a social media prescence, keep it as neutral as possible. If you are opiniated (as I am), you can no longer use your real name.

Which leads to a good rule for all social media: if you cannot use a handle or be an Anon, actively avoid it.

As Vox Day says, your family can call you.