Art Vandelay Meme Day

Art Vandelay is a fictional person made up in a fiction called Seinfeld. And no, the day to write that name down on sign in for OZ is the 21st. But you can do this every day, or similar. Just leave your phone at home.

Or if you are in NZ, do neither, though apparently using the COVID tracer app will be mandatory in high risk places, such as pubs, resturants, or churches. Another reason to leave the phone at home and carry cash. You only need ID when you are driving or to order booze.

This is supposed to be a meme post, however, so onto the images.

Local Stuff.

Our government has given the Mongrel Mob, a gang who deals meth money from the victims of crime fund to run a methamphetamine rehabilitation group.

Soeem from the farmer’s protest.

Woke is fascism.

Handles are good for you. Ignore this. Have a zero profile on big social media.

They want you connected in, somehow.

Corporate Convergance

The trouble is that the coporations need cannon fodder. Do not be corporation cannon fodder. You will end up like this.

Roger Stone is Based.

Hate speech for the SF Gay Men’s Chorus.



We don’t have cats now. There are green activists who shoot them locally. But I have loved many, so in fairness…

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4 months ago

I laughed because I recall Art Vandelay.

John Wilder
4 months ago

Nice selection!