Demographics is destiny.

If there is one rule liberty minded people need to remember, it is that the establishment does not like losing control of the narrative. And when they do, noticeably weird things start to happen.

Brandon Smith

We are at that point now.

There are those out there who look at the situation in South Africa and consider that critical race theory could lead to a similar outcome in the other parts of the anglosphere. This is not wise. From Ranconteur Report discussing this in the US situation.

Even if we throw all your guilt-ridden dupes and fellow travelers into your side of the equation, you’re over in about a week, and even if you take the other side out at 2:1, at the end of the day, they’re 100% of what’s left afterwards, and you’re extinct. Forever. Never to return.
You’ll be missed like snow on a summer’s day, I assure you.
So maybe go back to whatever it is you did before you became professional victims of imaginary racism. Because nobody white alive in this country ever owned slaves (and that statement has been true for most of a century), and none of you, nor even any of your grandparents, ever picked any cotton on a white Southern plantation. You’ve had two full generations who could vote, hold office, and do anything you wished. So get over yourselves, and learn to compete in a fair market, or die. We’re tired of listening to your entitled bitching, and even more tired of your delusional excuses for why you can’t hack it on a level playing field, no matter how many steps up we give you at the starting line. Learn to pull your own weight here, or hop a flight to Africa.
If you did the latter, the mean IQ on both continents would improve.

Of course, this is reversed in South Africa: the minority there is White/Indian/Arab/Chinese. There are no fellow travellers they can recruit.

Who will survive? Those who self organize by clan and church. Who have their own set of rules.

The Mennonites and Hutterites are mistrusted by most Canadians because they don’t care for how other people think. But this, as the SDL noted, is how tribes that will survive act.

I am currently staying at a travel lodge in northern Wisconsin and there are 30-40 old school Mennonites, cousins of the Amish, also here. The free self-serve breakfast room provides lessons regarding how the Amish likely will behave if, as speculated, they ever do achieve population dominance.
The Mennonites entered the room en masse and immediately occupied every open table remaining in the place. Each clan had its own table and it did not matter whether there were two members or eight, they had their own table by clan and would stand beside their territorial claim despite empty seats being available at the other Mennonite tables. Spaces were reserved by laying objects in the conventional way.
Then the Mennonites formed an after church social barrier in front of the food supply, blocking outsiders from access in polite fashion while kibbitzing together in Swiss German. The kids were all barefoot and roaming around, which dissuaded the rest of us from approaching.
About six old ladies commandeered the two waffle-making machines and began preparing waffles exclusively for all Mennonites. They cast intimidating glares at some tough-looking brawny, sleeveless construction workers who attempted to stand in line for waffles. Not gonna happen.
The men, who are noticeably trimmer than the somewhat fat women, helped themselves to all the food, making immediate return trips to fill up individual and shared plates for their tables. This left only coffee for the outsiders.
No grace was given nor prayers offered, once the last old lady abandoned her waffle post the entire group began eating and the men discussed whatever Swiss German topic. The food area resembled a war zone where the cockroaches would have starved.

Note this well: the Mennoites and Hutterites and Amish do not run evangelical outreach. Instead they are clannish, and they produce large generations of children. In this world, demographics is destiny.

That form of organization is one that is functional in low trust societies. But it misses one duty: to preach the gospel, regardless of season.


The reality is that we need to preach and teach and live according to the laws of God, which are given for our good. This includes counting children as a blessing.

And then, our actions and the sanity of our life will bring people, to Christ. May we there fore reform ourselves. Beginning with me.

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Gunner Q
6 months ago

Vox Day does very poorly to call for that kind of deterministic, winner-take-all race to the wrong side of the Hajnal Line. We need a way to figure out who can be trusted, yes; assuming that the existence of everybody not directly related by blood or marriage is a threat, no.

Can somebody please explain to me why hogging the waffle iron at a motel is a moral imperative? Women sneering at strong men, expecting their own men to fight the fights that the womenfolk are provoking, is feminism… “let’s you and him fight”.

6 months ago

Both my MIL (and her siblings) and my grandfather picked cotton for someone else. Their skin isn’t dark, but that really was still a thing through mid-century. Plantations? No. Sharecropping or working someone else’s fields? Yes. The latter including insane levels of poverty? Also yes.

6 months ago

Yes, start with yourself —

I use a handle because I have a bunch of kids and grandkids and live in a land which hates those of Christ. This is your one warning.