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A mural honoring George Floyd collapsed into rubble Tuesday in Toledo, Ohio, after authorities told local media outlets lightning hit it.
Toledo’s mayor offered less certainty when reached by USA TODAY. The city will work with Toledo’s arts commission and the artist to replace the mural, “so that the message at the core of this artwork can be heard,” Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz said in a statement.
“We may never know for certainty why the George Floyd mural came down. It could have been an act of nature, or it could have been an act of vandalism,” Kapszukiewicz said. “What we do know is that the mural will be replaced.”

Rubble would be similar to Detroit then. I note that Kapszukiewicz is either Eastern European or Askenazi, and not African-American.

Regardless, this is the quote of the week. 

George Floyd mural struck by lightning? This has gotta be Trump’s fault, they have just not found out why yet

Smoking will kill you, but Bureaucrats will destroy your joy first.

I should add that I do not smoke, never have. My drug of choice is coffee: when I was younger it was a 10 mile run. Then my knees packed up, and I ruined the remainder of my joints at Crossfit.

I now read and drink coffee. This morning it was a pour on and then a latte at the local Allpress.

But I do understand the joy of raising a middle finger to the prigs in this life. I’d go to the hidden resturants during lockdown.

What struck with me about that episode was the joyful attitude amongst all the diners in the room that we were all breaking the rules together. Europeans like being naughty. They like to politely stick it to the soulless bureaucrats who attempt to govern every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, Anglo countries are the opposite of this. We tend to be nations of dobbers, which is Australian vernacular for being a snitch.
Back to smoking being the thinking man’s drug of choice. Smoking does sharpen the cognitive faculties. If it ain’t true then where are your studies showing that it doesn’t? Just as I thought, and thus my point is proven. Smoking is also a peaceful drug; you never hear of peace crack pipes, do you. Yes, some smokers go overboard and heave a couple of packs a day down their lungs, but people are people and we all have to depart this earthly coil in some manner.
I love the accessories that abound with the practice of smoking. Even the lowly cigarette smoker can arm himself with beautiful lighters and ashtrays, not to mention the glorious cigarette case which is a fine counter to the lunacy of covering the packs with photos of diseased worms. In the realm of cigars you have cigar cutters and lighters, not to mention the awesome variety of humidors. And pipe smokers have a vast array of tools with which to prepare and pack their blessed pipe, not to mention the extraordinary number of tobaccos from which to choose.
Smoking never causes belligerency or a desire to commit atrocities. On the contrary, it is inducive to the creative acts and fields of endeavor. Perhaps that is one reason why the fields of literature, art and music are now so uninspiring. The artists themselves are now clean living types, also commonly referred to as boring shitless bastards. They could do with some smoking to fire them up. Get their juices flowing as opposed to the warmed up tosh that they foist on an uncaring public.

The trouble with creativity is that it is fragile. Not going to link to this, but years ago the GP said you need to go on a statin. Gave me the standard one.

I. could. not. write.

I could do my job, I could read, but I could not write. Put on an alternative, but the class of medications is associated with cognitive decline.

I’m not taking a statin any more. I would rather make something worthwhile, cut out the carbs, and lose some weight. That will keep me breathing as long as the good Lord wants me to remain here.

Adam’s note of quality of work: consider that almost all the authors in the first half of last century smoked. And their writing was far better than today.

The damnation of Zen Tech.

This is via Bruce Charlton, and Frances Berger. It refers to a post that Adam and I have noted: it is going viral.

It is better to accept risk than slavery.

Now that the Establishment has basically incorporated everyone and everything into its System under the banner of protecting the world from a deadly plague, it desperately wants to keep the inclusion vibes going and will waste little time expanding its definition of providing “global safety” to areas beyond human health, more specifically to the Big Global Lies that comprise the litmus tests of serious Christianity.
Think climate crisis. Anti-racism. Ongoing sexual revolution and transwhateverism.
And if that doesn’t work, there’s always terrorism and war, be it conventional or cyber.
Of course, ensuring that everyone is firmly incorporated into the System will be the only way to ensure the safety of all.
At the material level, this means total enslavement. At the spiritual level, damnation.

This looks something like this.

The full text is below, with the comment that plenty of mormon temples were still closed. The blogger is an ex Mormon, now in the sheepfold of Christ.

With the re-opening of the Kyiv Ukraine Temple today, every temple in the world has now reopened and resumed some level of operations! We may now serve and worship the Lord in these sacred edifices the world over and participate in precious ordinances. This is cause for celebration!
I will never forget the day near the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic when we had to make the excruciating decision to close the temples. The rapid spread of the virus made this decision inevitable, but it was a painful one. I couldn’t help but wonder how the Prophet Joseph Smith and all of my predecessors would feel about the action we were taking.
But now, with the temples open, our work for those on both sides of the veil can be resumed. To have all our temples reopened, at least to some degree, is a cause for rejoicing.
I am grateful for the many scientists, health care workers, and leaders who have stemmed the tide of this virus such that we can now safely gather in larger numbers. And I thank you, my dear brothers and sisters, for your patience and worthiness to serve.
May we cherish the blessings of the House of the Lord and attend the temple as often as our circumstances permit.

It is a time of winnowing, and those who are of Christ will not converge with what is promoted as safety, mindfulness, and cod Buddhism.

Many so called churches will join them. But we need to come out of Babylon, for it will fall.

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Gunner Q
4 months ago

The story that I read on the Floyd mural, when the possibility was brought up that it had been ac act of God, the building inspector changed his report and claimed that the wall had been about to fail for a long time.

The only thing that scares them more than Trump is God.

William James Tychonievich
William James Tychonievich(@wiltyc)
4 months ago

“The blogger is an ex Mormon, now in the sheepfold of Christ.”

I suppose this is technically true, but it gives the misleading impression that I realized Mormonism was not Christian and converted to “true” Christianity. In fact I was raised a Mormon Christian, was an atheist for about a decade, and have recently returned to Christ but have not (re)joined any church. If my type of Christianity had to be classified, though, it would still be much more “Mormon” in its deepest assumptions than, say, Catholic or Protestant. I still call myself a Mormon sometimes, since the CJCLDS has renounced that label and released it into the public domain.

I frequently criticize the CJCLDS leadership and even call them Satanic, not because I’ve decided Joseph Smith was a false prophet or whatever, but because they have apostatized from the true spirit of Mormon Christianity and embraced Ahriman — just as every other Christian church has done. They held out longer than most denominations, but only “he that endureth to the end shall be saved” (Matt. 10:22).

As They Might Be Giants once put it, “We were once so close to heaven / Peter came out and gave us medals / proclaiming us the nicest of the damned.” I’ve a hunch lots of very “nice” people from lots of denominations have got one of those medals waiting for them.