Memes: The only thing mutating are the lies.

These posts should go up, for what it is worth, on Mondays. My local time, which is 12 hours ahead of the UK and 16 — 21 hours ahead of the USA.
I got this wrong last week.

But this weeks theme is that the lies are becoming more transparent. The meme of the week comes from the USA about the UK.

And some sarcasm. I hope. Or it is blasphemy, and offence of my religion will soon be illegal in New Zealand.

Biden wants people to go door to door offering the vaccine.

Woke is broken.

This is how to ensure that no straight man or woman buys your product. Not sure about gay men either.

Some classics.

For the SF Gay Men’s Chorus.

The above reaction is unacceptable. One should never go to 4Chan… according to our leaders: I’d like to ask Joe if his sons’ bad habit of mixing with hookers and drugs worse than finding the dank memes, and hating evil.

But that would be cruel to the demented fool. Someone else is writing this

Doge and Kitteh.

and, finally, a Kiwi.

This is from a post on Kiwi Gab where people are setting up self defense against the vaxx people finding those who have not ‘had the oppurutunity’ door to door if needed. One Maori warrior, one Kiwi. I do have some hope for my nation.

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4 months ago

I saw the strangest and shortest protest?parade? yesterday on the way home from the airport. All in cars.

First two-three cars, pride. Rainbows, shirtless guys, bleached hair. Next few cars, Palestinian flags driven by women in beige burqas. Final cars, climate change matters. Finished up with a BLM car (full sized flag being held by the man in passenger’s seat) with the woke mantras written on the windows. (Both passenger and driver were white).

Do you think these people talk to one another about the things they’re representing? Because I think they don’t… Also, does anyone know if anything (other than Cuba) is going on, or if the beer was just really good in the Gaslamp district yday? Was there an occasion?

Also Welcome to CALIFORNIA.

4 months ago

Re: The herd of smiling women at google representing the dystopian future is correct. If you look at any woman in this country, you are probably looking at a communist. At the least a socialist dupe. Most of them have never missed a meal or suffered any kind of severe hardship, and they think communism is just fine, because they’ve not seen the murder and pillaging by communists. And being the most privileged and cosseted females of any nation on the planet, they assume they’ll go on being that way.