Democracy is hateful to the woke.

Kea has a hard job whenever I read the paper. Because I am driven to rage. Firstly, the woke want our kids for their nefarious interests.

In my woke little town, virtue signals now trump the idea that we can vote. The Maori must be appointed, not voted into positions, and once appointed they have the same voting rights as those we elect.

Emailed threats did not dissuade the Dunedin City Council from a decision to introduce Maori members to key standing committees at a meeting yesterday.
Councillors considered a proposal for both the infrastructure services committee and the planning and services committee to have two extra members with full voting rights, one each from Otakou Runanga and Kati Huirapa ki Puketeraki Runanga.
Cr Carmen Houlahan said she received a threatening email from a community board member that said the “quiet Kiwi” would remember how she voted.
The email went on to say she would be voted out of office at the next election if she supported the motion.
“Threats like that are unacceptable and not OK. It is 2021. Get with the times.”
The emails had also been sent to other councillors.
Cr David Benson-Pope said the decision before the council was between the correct choice and the populist choice.
“The ugliness of populism and ignorance around these matters has been amply demonstrated … by the emails we’ve received.”
Mayor Aaron Hawkins said it was a significant day for the council and the city.
It would not be the end point for the council’s collaboration with Maori, but was a significant milestone in the partnership.
Cr Chris Staynes said it was an “absolute red letter day” for the council and was a step towards honouring what was agreed when the Treaty of
Waitangi was signed.
Cr Lee Vandervis said it was extraordinary that the council would not have input into how the representatives would be chosen, and the motion would “throw elected representation to the dogs”.
It was unacceptable to give voting rights to non-elected members of standing committees, he said.
Cr Jim O’Malley said it was not appropriate to impose a Western European selection process on the proposed Maori representatives.
Speaking as the chairman of the infrastructure committee he said he was very excited about the change and society would look back on how councillors had voted 30 years from now.
Cr Mike Lord said he was comfortable with the runanga determining its selection criteria for its representatives.

So much for article three of the treaty of Waitangi, which gave all New Zealanders the rights of British Subjects. So much for Hobson saying at the signing we are one people. So much for robust debate. i won’t vote ACT because they promoted euthansia, or the Greens and NZ First because the block voted for that. Ever. I have a long memory, and I am still allowed to vote.

But the Dunedin city council fears this, so are regulating elections to irrelevance so that they don’t have to deal with hurt feelings.

Not that these woke care about the hurt feelings of the faithful. Churches are burning in Canada.

Will comments:

This is about the spate of church-burnings in western Canada, which have happened as a response to the discovery of mass children’s graves at a former Indian residential school in Kamloops, B.C. and some missing headstones from a cemetery in Saskatchewan. Activists have been on a rampage ever since, toppling statues and burning churches down…)

Briggs makes the comment that this is happening because the west has been conquered. This would grieve me, if true.

I like New Zealand (not Aoteoroa), English Speaking Culture, the rule of law, and the application of the law to all. British Commercial Law, English Culture. This is now damned as a colonial relic. This place is based on daily lectionary posts. Christ is the Lord of all, and the nations will at the end of this age worship him.

As nations, together.

But these woke have not considered they are walking the path Rhodesia took, ending up with tribal wars in Zimbabwe.

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5 months ago

Threats like that are unacceptable “

Promising to vote for someone else is an unacceptable threat? Wow. This is why I am currently running for city council in my small town. We haven’t got to this point but if people don’t step up, we will. Then it’s too late.

Of course it may already be too late. We shall see.

bruce charlton
bruce charlton
5 months ago

Democracy is leftism, subversive by its nature, unreformable; voting is immoral (because it is decision-making without personal responsibility – which is the only responsibility); so we should not be tempted into defending either.

This is one of Their favorite tactics; to lure us into defending the lesser of evils (i.e. the cutting edge evils of a previous generation) – instead of pursuing good.

If people were clearly and explicitly to recognize the evils of democracy and voting, and withdraw their automatic consent/ deference to their supposed superior virtues; this would work against the power of evil to implement its schemes. They would need to be more blatant and explicit, they would be seen to be directly responsible for their decisions (instead of being able somewhat-plausibly to claim democratic/ voting justification).