A now obsolete whaling poem.

Or is it? If we do not extract oil by fracking, or from soybeans (for the deisel engines) or from other forms of agricultural waste, we may again need to hunt the whale. For lubricant.

The Whale

The Whale that wanders round the Pole
Is not a table fish.
You cannot bake or boil him whole,
Nor serve him in a dish;

But you may cut his blubber up
And melt it down for oil,
And so replace the colza bean
(A product of the soil).

These facts should all be noted down
And ruminated on,
By every boy in Oxford town
Who wants to be a Don.

Hilaire Belloc

It is in this fallen, post modern times, that a Don does not know, viscerally, how his fuel is made, or his meat provided. I’m now old, and in my youth university students worked in seasonal industries, slaughterhouses included, during the summer break. Now they get scholarships to do research.

But you learn more understanding the cost by which your comforts are acquired.