Against the woke clerisy

One of the things that became clear over the last few days is that the clerisy will not handle competition. They are woke, and the woke are Manichean. People and things are either completely righteous or completely evil, to be damned without any compunction or redemption, and if you stray from the path of the clerisy you have shown yourself to be damned. So people will not think that which may offend the twitterstasi that regulate the great and the good.

Murray has written a book about cognitive differnences between races in the USA. I need to read it: but the issue is that his thesis is not allowed to be discussed without a ritual rejection.

Like it or not, Prof. McWhorter is braver than almost every white academic. He read Facing Reality and didn’t just call it trash. He admitted he can’t disprove the data and that his “hopes” about black IQ “aren’t science.” That is a lot further than most whites would go.
I suspect Prof. McWhorter is mentally hobbled by something more than his race. Our climate of racial-moral zealotry doesn’t just punish people who say the wrong thing; it makes them incapable of even thinking the wrong thing.

I’m not going to quote Neitzche’s Antichrist in depth but would say that he misses the point of Christianity because, as a good little materailist, he thinks that God should not be part of any analysis or intervention. Instead he uses natural selection as his guiding principle and in that he fails. The good news is that in this failure we can learn not to repeat his mistakes. But we are.

The woke are driven by weaponized pity. Neitzche was correct to say that this cannot be the highest virtue. That should be love. Love confronts: pity accepts. Bruce Charlton here is on point.

Nietzsche’s criticism’s of Christianity are characteristic of modern, mainstream, secular, bureaucratic Leftism: The morality based on resentment; the incoherence of equality; that mass inculcation of ‘pity’ which is designed to paralyze with guilt; and to induce self-hatred, nihilism, despair and the desire for death (eg. abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide).
Nietzsche’s assumption was that there was only ‘this world’ and he failed to recognize that, if true, this negated all possible justifications for Life of the kind he sought. His diagnosis of Ahrimanic evil was exact and prescient.
But – at the time of his final dementia and mutism – he had not recognized that his alternative of a morality of Life (by which he meant individual spontaneous instinct) was subhuman, selfish, destructively short-termist – and by nature and merely atavistic, regressive and Luciferic.
In other words, Nietzsche had not got beyond a negative critique based upon unexamined assumptions. The development of human consciousness means that the Luciferic is unattainable (even if it were desirable) and the Ahrimanic inevitably defeats it. Thus the German National Socialists (who revered Nietzsche, and issued Zarathustra as a Bible-equivalent) began with a philosophy of Life; but inevitably ended with escalating bureaucracy.
This failure of the Luciferic is why the actual effect of Nietzsche on the atheistic anti-Christian culture which followed, has been to lead towards the Sorathic world of spiteful destruction – a program of civilizational/ national/ personal annihilation – instead of his hoped-for fantasy of pagan strength, courage and dominance.

To remind the reader: Charlton is using an idea which he got from a revision of Steiner that there are three kinds of evil:

  • Luciferic: that which increases our pleasure regardless of the moral quality. Adultery, Theft, intoxication and general licentiousness. This was called eros by the Freudians. Generally approved by the woke.
  • Ahrimanic: That which is systematized, rational, and inhuman. Modern Bureaucratic systems, from education to health, are based on the Prussian civil service, and that was based on the military idea that orders shall be obeyed regardless of their moral properties. This is a seeking of power and control. Pleasure and dissipation are not seen as useful; Power is.
  • Sorathic. The joy of destruction. From Loki to antifa: burning down civilization not to build something better but because you want to destroy it even if that destroys you. This drive to death and destruction (thanatos for any freudians who have not run shreiking into the forest by now) is that of the anarchist: if I am in despair not only shall I die but the people shall die with me.

I think there are an infinite number of kinds of evil, or one. The infinite is in the multiple and various ways we can be selfish, cruel, unthinking. We can do damage with intent: we can also do damage — as Charlton has pointed out for years — by being part of any society that has fallen victim to the long march of the woke, who demand we continue to pay them rent lest we be regulated out of our jobs, our homes, and our freedoms.

The one is the fault of many who followed Nietzsche, and it is ancient. That we should be like Gods, and that by an act of our will.

When that fails, then people turn to destruction. The more gentle damage themselves, most frequently by poor diet, alcohol, and other drugs. The less gentle follow the path of Millhaven.

There were all of the others, all our sisters and brothers
You assumed were accidents, best forgotten
Recall the children who broke through the ice on Lake Tahoo?
Everyone assumed the “Warning” signs had followed them to the bottom
Well, they’re underneath the house where I do quite a bit of stowing
La la la la La la la lie
Even twenty little children, they had to die
And the fire of ‘91 that razed the Bella Vista slum
There was the biggest shit-fight this country’s ever seen
Insurance companies ruined, land lords getting sued
All cause of a wee little girl with a can of gasoline
Those flames really roared when the wind started blowing
La la la la La la la lie
Rich man, poor man, all got to die
Well I confessed to all these crimes and then they put me on trial
I was laughing when they took me away
Off to the asylum in an old black Mariah
It ain’t home, but you know, it’s fucking better than jail
It ain’t such a bad old place to have a home in
La la la la La la la lie
All God’s children they all gotta die

Nic Cave