The Gamma Meme Hurting.

The need for the banhammer.

The Supreme Dark Lord Posted this on the one Social Media he is on: Gab. His wife has pretty much the same, sane policy.

FAIR WARNING: All shills, gammas, retards, critics, pedants, and social justice warriors are muted and blocked on sight. I am not interested in debate, discourse, or "ackshually" in this medium. If you disagree with what I post, that’s absolutely fine, but please note that I am not at all interested in hearing your opinions, corrections, or criticisms.
Utilize your own microphone. I will not permit you to attempt to hijack or parasitize mine.

This led to the inevitable ragequit protests. Which is boring to the SDL. However, the comments section is excellent as I was able to block a large number of Gammas, Trolls and Morons (the three groups have a signficant intersection) by perusing the comments section.

It’s so predictable, and more than a little amusing, to see how Gammas inevitably react when you inform them that you have no interest in listening to their Very Important Opinions or their Very Honest Questions, and will not subject yourself to their Very Valuable Instruction and Very Substantive Criticism.
Notice how they immediately go on the attack, and in doing so, underline the need for their exclusion. Meanwhile, they fail to observe that literally hundreds of people approve the policy.

I do have a comments section and a comments policy. There is a fairly vicious spam filter in place with the warp factor turned up and DDoS protection in place. I don’t look at what does not get through the filter.

I do read all the comments and some trusted people can comment freely.

And I will ban here if needed.