The morning after the night before.

Kiwis are generally laid back. Except when we are not: about every 20 years or so we go feral. This is one of those times.


COVID Delta Fears.

Planning of things for 2021 and 2022 has continued at work on the assumptions that we won’t go into national lockdowns. There is no COVID in NZ right now, and I had a bloody test when I had a nice winter virus. But the gummint is saying ONE case of Delta Variant and the country is locked down.

Cam Slater this morning.

If Delta gets into New Zealand it can only have been through a border failure…nothing else.
Who is in charge of the border? The government is.
So if Delta gets into New Zealand it can only be the fault of a government that has no idea what it is doing.
When you add on the slowest in the world vaccine distribution then you can see that the only viable blame hound for the economic disaster that another lockdown would cause would be Jacinda Ardern and her cronies in government. They will have failed. We were never at the front of the queue, we were in the far-behind queue.
Ardern though is desperately looking to ramp up the scare factor, given their latest internal polling has shown that their share of the vote has fallen to 38%, the Greens are mired at 8% and National has now clawed itself to within cooee of Labour on 31%. Act scored a creditable 13% and NZ First is lurking at 4%.
Labour are in panic mode, and they desperately need another lockdown so people can remember just how wonderful Jacinda Ardern is.

They are going full coercion, as expected.

The costs of lockdown.

As I said, I’m planning next year, and if there will be random level 4 (read lockdown) alert statuses it will truly screw things up. The cost to society of depression, loss of education, loss of usual activities, and increased loneliness is significant. We are losing more people from the diseases of despair than we would from the COVID: we are an island, isolated, and there are treatment protocols available for the COVID anyway. I’ll refer to our Aussie neighbours, who suffer under premiers who love shutting down their state.

The Prime Minister’s proud boast is that our closed borders and hyper vigilance have “saved 30,000 lives” since the start of the epidemic last year. More unverifiable modelling; but again, let’s assume he’s right. I wonder how many of the saved have succumbed to other ailments in that time; or will next week’s census reveal a Cocoon-like bubble of healthy nonagenarians, 30,000 strong, laughing at Covid and death in all its other guises?
At best, we’ve dragged their lives out for a few more lonely months sequestered from their families, just as we’ve kicked the whole pandemic a little way down the road, at an almost inconceivable cost. As our leaders and their worker bees finesse their incarceration strategy, in the background the cries of misery grow louder.
The politicians look on, stern-faced and witless, bleating their platitudes about feeling our pain, and urging us to get vaccinated as the only way to escape the shackles on our lives, as though they had nothing to do with the sinister emergency powers they have granted themselves and aimed against us. “A surge in cases has closed restaurants”; “the latest outbreak means tradesmen can’t go to work”; “thanks to some selfish cab driver we must stay at home for the next month”.
No, ladies and gentlemen, the virus hasn’t done this to us; you have, cosy in your luxurious offices with your index-linked financial cushions, surrounded by sycophants and shoving people around like demented puppetmasters.
It may come as a shock to those snorting and gobbling at the trough of public money, but not everyone makes their living by opening a spreadsheet on a laptop, reaching out to a stakeholder and unmuting themselves on a Zoom call.
There are people who pay taxes (rather than recycle them) by travelling every day to places where they make actual things with their hands, who build home offices rather than work from them.
Some then have the audacity to consider their manual or menial work essential, as though they are under some obligation to put food on the table for their families.
And these ungrateful wretches, instead of praising the wisdom of their superiors who imprison them in their unfashionable suburbs, have the nerve to march in the streets in complaint, thousands of people engaged in reckless superspreader events that have led to a massive zero new infections.

Scotty from Marketing needs to listen to our Marxist Ardern. She says NZ saved 80K people. Her model is flawed.

This bug is going to be seasonal. Look at how to manage it, and how to deal with getting the nations going again.

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bruce charlton
bruce charlton
5 months ago

Dishonesty is a sin; and the habitually and unrepentantly dishonest are active servants on the side of the devil.

The Test is – as anyone who knows anything knows – a complete fake; from its basic PCR methodology asserted to be diagnostic, through its specific development, to its implementation and sampling and media reporting.

And then the creation of ‘new variants’ of birdemic that are defined as positive results from new/ modified PCR tests… A tissue of lies. Lies piled high upon other lies.

And on this basis – the future of the world hinges!

Well, from all this we know – for sure – who is ultimately in charge of things as of 2021.