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There are those who hope that vaccinating the population will sort out the covid. There are others who look at the side effect rates and wonder if not vaccinating is a better approach. What is clear is that our government lied to us. We ordered the vaccines late, and we only went for one source.

Minister of Health Hipkins has just told The AM Show the vaccine rollout has "gone as fast as it can given the availability of vaccines in NZ … if we could have got more vaccines into the country faster, then yes of course we could have gone faster. But ultimately supply has been the thing that’s constrained that".

Newshub reports that NZ initially ordered four different vaccines, but only in January opted to switch to a Pfizer-only strategy after seeing its success overseas and the safety problems plaguing the AstraZeneca and J&J jabs. "When we ordered the extra doses of that vaccine, Pfizer were very clear to us: ‘You can have the extra doses, but you won’t be able to get them until the second half of the year,’" said Hipkins.

Thing is, none of what he says makes any economic sense whatsoever. Here’s why using a back-of-the-envelope cost-benefit analysis (CBA). The cost of the vaccine is tiny compared to the cost of closing down our nation due to an outbreak. The Pfizer vaccine costs around $US 20. So to vaccinate NZ would cost $US 200 million (for two doses). Whereas the cost of the wage subsidy scheme alone last year was between $10,000 million and $15,000 million.

As a result, the Ministry of Health should have ordered 5 million vaccine courses from Pfizer as early as possible, as well as this same number from each of the other suppliers, even if the government ended up binning some of its choices. The decision to "make Pfizer our primary vaccine provider", as stated by the Ministry, shouldn’t have been made in January 2021 on the ex-post medical grounds they describe. Ex-ante, 5 million courses of all available vaccines should have been ordered – the cost being so small relative to potential benefits that even if those benefits didn’t materialize in the case of some purchases – it didn’t matter.

Instead the Ministry of Health under-ordered last year since they didn’t do the simplest, most basic, one-liner of a CBA. Blaming our bottom-of-the-OECD vaccination rate on Pfizer is an outrage. It was a late order.

In the meantime, the cult of Jacinda continues. This is her giving an apology for Dawn Raids during the 1970s — which Labour started, and her father, a policeman, took part in.


As a local, I have come to the conclusion that this government is good at one thing only: Public Relations, which is propaganda, which is a systematic and organised litany of lies. The wheels are starting to fall off.


Emails obtained by Newshub show district health board (DHB) bosses are confused about progress with the vaccine rollout because of what they call "ropey" and "really poor" data on the total size of each target group.
The Government says we’re ahead of vaccine targets – but health experts say we’re guessing.
And when you’re jabbing a nation, data is vital. The total size of each group you’re targeting, known as the denominator, is a crucial part of the puzzle. Without it, you can’t know what percentage has been vaccinated.
But six months into the rollout – we still don’t have it.
"It’s a major problem. If you don’t know the size of the cohorts, then reporting progress against those groups is obviously a guess at best, or could be misleading at worst," says Auckland University Professor of Medicine Des Gorman.


The current documentation on all this is going badly. It is winder, and there is a nasty set of bugs going around, but it is not COVID. Unlike most of us, the PM got tested to virtue signal. The only reason others get tested is that the GPs get paid per test.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has tested negative for Covid-19.
She had to get tested after catching a cold from her daughter.
A spokesperson said Ardern is working from Premier House – her Wellington-based home – and is taking part in meetings via video-conference.
Ardern missed the first day back at Parliament after the three week recess.

Apparently there will be an announcement on how to reopen the border tomorrow.

The problem is that most Kiwis are now doing what we are good at. Ignoring rules that don’t make sense. We are no longer united: the woke government thought they could bring division through and go inter-sectional on us.

That won’t end well. This is from Samzidata, and the comments are worth reading. NZ Labour has the same history and same issues as UK Labour: the difference is that they are in power in NZ and nowhere near power in the UK.

Labour, meanwhile, was being hit by the new alignment in ways that were far more immediately damaging, and in ways which may yet see them replaced as one of the two dominant British political parties, like the Liberals before them, who went from top two status to also-rans during a previous political realignment during which the British working class made its political presence felt after World War 1, thus propelling the Labour Party into the political prominence that it still, as of now, is trying to cling to, even as the Conservatives, then as so often in its past, were making the necessary readjustments needed to keep on winning elections, with their characteristic ruthlessness and characteristic indifference to earlier commitments.
The latest realignment is now threatening to smash the Labour Party into fragments. The previous factional allies that dominated Labour in its upper reaches, the lefties and the Blairites, are both very Anywhere-ist, especially the Blairites. As for the lefties, these people also are a product not of Somewhere-ist intransigence, but are a particular social fragment of Anywhere-ism, namely the bit which has prepared itself for economic comfort and political meaningfulness but which has found the going tough. Graduates are being over-produced, and many of them are under-prepared for serious work. The cost of life’s necessities has risen, most especially the cost of housing. Winner Anywhere-ists are content for regulated capitalism to jog along, with them doing the regulating. Loser Anywhere-ists are much more inclined to want the entire damn system ripped up and replaced by an Anywhere-ism of a very different sort.
Labour’s traditional voter base hates both of these factions, and the Labour Party is starting to look and feel like something only worth being in if your faction controls it. Which each fragment is now trying to do, with increasing savagery. Davies doesn’t spend much time discussing the actual policies of the “far left”, but suffice it to say that neither a British political party which hates Britain and really hates America, almost as much as it really, really hates Israel, nor a political party which wants everyone to obsess about their ethnic status, carries much appeal. A party which seems to side with Muslim criminals against all Whites, is not going to see the Whites keep on voting for them in sufficient numbers.
Also, the fact that a very noisy and assertive part of the left also now bangs on about how their “identity” is defined by exactly where they situate themselves on the LGBTPQRXYZ gender spectrum has also proved electorally very off-putting. The leftist obsession with ethnic and gender identity has surely been a part of the bigger story about how identity has become such a big issue, but Davies doesn’t spend any time on that.
So, Labour voters in the Somewhere-ist heartlands, of the North and the Midlands, once regarded by themselves and by all others as the life and soul of the Labour Party, are being turned off it in their millions. Not just by the Blairites or by the Corbynites, but by the whole damn lot of them.

Jacinda Ardern worked for Blair. She is internationalisth, a Blairite, and this explains her appeasing of the intersectional identity crowd and her embrace of paper citizenship and woke civil nationalism.

But things are imploding, and then one’s identity is defined more by Tribe. The old Europeans in NZ would prefer that we are all Kiwis. We want unity — we are being fed division. And at that point, the tribe — Ngati Pakeha, will coalesce out. Your uniform will be your skin colour.

Pray that we do not become Ngati Pakeha. We won the last land war. With less population than we have now.

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5 months ago

Pfizer seems to have fewer side effects, at least anecdotally. But reading the local COVID news (new rules every day!) is enough to make you take to your bed with a cold compress. Nothing makes sense.

Also yes, please, I enjoy missing work and losing time to vax side effects. It’s super fun and no big deal at all. -rolls eyes- Why do the folks who really need the vax (elders) seem to have the fewest side effects and younger folks and those who have had COVID the most? Things that make you go hmmm. (There is an official explanation, but you know what we all think about that).

5 months ago

What’s with the creepy picture that looks like her sitting on a throne, with carpets underneath (notice no one else has those) and retainers and everything? Did it not occur to her that it would look like that or will most people not even notice those things? Or am I making too much of something small?