Around the traps.

I did not do any around the traps posts yesterday. Had a pile of things to get out, and nothing much was happening here. The same suspects were reporting the same things. The next ‘real’ decision that will be made is on Tuesday. However, the government is using the weekend to walk back some regulations they made without legislation review. Perhaps this is because Parliament will sit this week.

NZ Lockdown Day 12.

The police are getting their inner fascist out. When whales come out to play in our harbours, people go and watch it. But not now. We are at level 4 and the police have decided to micromanage us.


A police checkpoint has been set up to stop people going to see orca catching rays in an estuary north of Wellington.
Police warned people of the checkpoint and urged them not to breach level 4 rules by going to see the pod, which is in Pāuatahanui Inlet between Porirua and Plimmerton.
“A pod of orca is currently breaching social-distancing guidelines off the Pāuatahanui Inlet – but we’re urging people not to do the same thing,” they posted on Facebook.
”We’re aware the merry mammals are exciting to watch, but please don’t get into your cars and drive to see them.”

The propaganda on Twitter continues. 83 new cases in NZ overnight: 82 in Auckland, 1 in Wellington, Zero in the South Island. In the meantime, a video is going around of the police hassling someone walking to pick up his partner from her job. Moral of the story: anyone can be hassled and film them.

Former Green Party candidate and climate change activist Luke Wijohn has filmed police threatening him with arrest after he came across a group of officers pinning a man to the ground in Wellington.
Wijohn was heading to pick up his girlfriend from work at the supermarket on Friday night when he heard a man scream in pain, he said on Twitter Saturday morning.
The first video Wijohn posted showed a group of seven policemen, two of them pinning a man face down on the ground.
What can we say about this?
There are many good things to say about this
We are living in extraordinary times.
It is good that Wijohn stood his ground.
It is good that Wijohn was not arrested.
It was good that Wijohn was observing the level 4 protocols.
It was good that the police listened to Wijohn’s reasoning. (It all could have ended very differently.)
It is good that we still live in a democracy, where the state forces are not prepared to step over the line to abuse their new emergency powers, given to them under this health emergency.
The police have a difficult and often dangerous job to do. A job that often results in confrontations that lead to heightened emotions and feelings of aggression. Despite the temptations to give into to these emotions, professionalism in dealing with the public by the police must be maintained.
We all need to be mindful, including the police, that we are living in extraordinary times. And that there is a very real fear among some members of the public that the state may tip into over-reach in trying to contain the virus.
My thought is that Wijohn, through his lawyers. needs to offer his footage to the police for training purposes. To see, what could be improved here?
It is good that we live in an age that gives us all the technology to capture things that once would have been hidden from the general public.
It is good that in our democracy, recording the police going about their lawful duties is an absolute right for every citizen,

The bullying is not just the police. The Mall cops are into it as well.

>[My sweet wife just came home from the supermarket in tears.](
On entering the supermarket, she was stopped by a big, bearded, intimidating man, who told her that by law she had to sign in. She refused because he was lying (or misinformed). There is no such law. It will become mandatory to sign in to places like cafes seven days after the next reduction in alert level, and “at this stage it is envisaged that supermarkets and dairies will be excluded” (according to Stuff). So there is no such law. This was a lie.
Nevertheless, this man blocked her entry in an intimidating fashion, tried to force her to obey this non-existent law, and upset her enormously. She eventually pushed past him into the supermarket and completed her shop in constant fear of having the police turn up to arrest her. His last words to her as she entered the shop were “Don’t make me come after you ma’am”. How more terrifying a statement could you make?
Is this what our country has been reduced to? A place where my wife is bullied and intimidated by a large scary man just because she wants to buy groceries? A place where my carefully law-abiding wife must fear the police? A place where people are forced to comply with ‘laws’ that don’t even exist? By people who probably genuinely believe not only that such laws do exist but that they are just and necessary?
Yes. This is New Zealand today.

## The eternal vaccine round.

It looks like the current generation of vaccines need to be given repeatedly to ensure that they work. So the US CDC is now recommending a third shot.

>[President Biden on Friday said he and Dr. Anthony Fauci discussed requiring COVID-19 booster shots every five months rather than every eight as previously anticipated.](
The shorter timeframe would increase the number of vaccine doses that the US will need to set aside for booster shots — as poorer nations clamor for more US donations.
“The question raised is should it be shorter than eight months? Should it be as little as five months? That’s being discussed. I spoke with Dr. Fauci this morning about that,” Biden said in the Oval Office during a visit from Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.
Biden said Friday that booster shots for Americans “will start here on Sept. 20 pending approval of the FDA and the CDC committee of outside experts.”
The president did not say what Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, recommended regarding booster shot timing.
Israel began giving booster shots to senior citizens last month — rejecting the World Health Organization’s plea for “a moratorium on boosters” so that the Third World can get vaccines and reduce the possibility of new and more contagious mutations.
Pfizer and BioNTech have requested FDA approval for a booster shot for their two-dose vaccine, which is the most widely used option in the US — saying data shows a third shot improves the body’s ability to fight the virus. Moderna’s similar two-dose vaccine was made with the same technology.
President Joe Biden meets with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in the Oval Office of the White House, Friday, Aug. 27, 2021, in Washington.
Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine also works better with an extra shot, the company said this week.
The changing timeframe on booster shots threatens to undermine White House messaging, however, amid continued vaccine hesitancy among certain demographic groups.
Jeff Zients, Biden’s COVID-19 response coordinator, said Tuesday, “We expect the rule will be simple. Get your booster shot eight months after you got your second shot.”


The Supreme Dark Lord let fire with some sarcasm.

>[Personally, I think they should just go right to vaxx-maxxing and promising superpower mutations]( Start off with a little J&J before breakfast, a little post-prandial Pfizer in the afternoon, Moderna with dinner, then finish the day off with a “shooter’s choice” of either AstroZeneca or Sputnik before bedtime.

The social media censorship, however, continues.