Do not take the ticket.

Nikolai says that the middle class is disappearing as the elite continue their neofeudal project. They want us dependent completely on them, so that we love our new overlords.

You can do something about this: stack a ton of cash and ensure your kids have some freedom. Be in the country. For the cities have greater and greater ideological purity tests.

For now, it is still possible for some to change sides. It seems that the middle class is currently doing so, with a few rising to become Lords and most falling to the status of Serfs.
Those who are able to work online or in ‘vital’ sectors, who avoid debt, live frugally, save and invest have a chance to join the minor elite. If you can acquire assets sufficient to provide yourself with an income and pass on intact to your children, your line has a chance of sneaking into the elite.
To escape being owned by Amazon, you must own Amazon (and the rest of the index). Because Amazon and its ilk are not going away any time soon. This will become increasingly vital as small businesses are crushed out of the market.
I estimate that the dollar amount you need in assets today to escape serfdom is about USD $1M in the West or half that to escape to the Third World.
That’s not loose change. And it might not even be enough. Double it to be sure.
Note that this is only enough to avoid becoming an indebted slave to an algorithm, not to become a member of the ruling class. There will be a large technical class in between, made up mostly of whites and Asians, which may comprise 20-30% of the population. These will be the people who do the real work plus those striving to enter the elite.
This will not be the ‘middle class’ as we knew it because it will be smaller and the gravitational pull towards the two poles will be stronger, especially the South.
The prosperous days of ‘following your dream’ are over. Tell your kids to get a good job and start stacking cash. Not only establishment positions – trades that can’t easily be automated, off-shored or immigrated out of existence will remain high-value. They’ll still hate you but you’ll be hard to cancel.
Build wealth the Asian way – live in frugal, multi-generational homes. This is the one arena where communism works.
Once you’ve got the requisite amount, holding on to it should be easy so long as the Lords continue to oppress the Serfs and their claims to better wages/conditions/government services, plus the crushing of competition from small business. Past a certain amount, wealth takes on its own momentum, just as poverty has its own inertia. The richer you are, the easier it is to legally dodge tax and take advantage of all manner of elite loopholes.
However, staying within the elite will also require theological compliance. If you live in a Blue city and wish to stay there, continued acceptance will depend upon keeping your mouth shut or even repeating elite lies upon demand.
You might become a nominal elite but you’ll be on notice. If you stick out they will attempt to crush you – easily enough done unless you are very rich indeed. We’ve already seen how casually jobs are taken, bank accounts are closed and online platforms are cleansed.
The cost of membership is high


It is high indeed. it is merely the cost of your soul. For their theology is that of Satan, whose natural language is lies and who works by fear.

That does not mean you don’t work and save and provide. The nonconformist Calvinists and Quakers where unable to enter the universities or professions in England until the mid Victorian era — Disreali converted for a reason, and Megan Markle was bapitized into the Church of England for the same reason. They coped by running businesses and trades.

But you will never be part of the elite unless you damn yourself and converge. The cost is too high.

Do not take that ticket

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bruce charlton
bruce charlton
5 months ago

The nonconformist Calvinists and Quakers where unable to enter the universities or professions in England until the mid Victorian era… They coped by running businesses and trades.”

Actually, Nonconformists had their own higher education system – the Dissenting Academies. These could not award degrees, but probably provided a better education than Oxford and Cambridge (of that era) and educated ministers and a kind of alternative intelligentsia. The Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society (for example, local to me) was founded mostly by graduates of dissenting academies.

Their premier college was the Warrington Academy, where Joseph Priestley was a tutor. – see the first reference for more detail.

The alternative was the Scottish Universities, or the Netherlands.

5 months ago

Jorgen, I noticed the same thing. I seem to remember her being reasonably attractive (except for the AOC teeth) not too long ago.

On another topic, I was considering doing some renovations to my house (1909 build and needs some work and improvements) but I’m considering holding off just to see where things go.

jorgen b
jorgen b
5 months ago

How did she get so wrinkled? Looks like skeletor wearing a skin mask.

Weight Loss.