Doubled down traps

Morale boost

We cannot protest — and I’m not sure if it is wise, given that the press are subsidized by the government. But we can do things to increase morale


The doubling down continues.

In NZ you face 2 weeks in Managed Isolation Quarantine (MIQ) if you return from anywhere overseas, despite vaccine status. This has a simple consequence: I don’t travel. Australia has taken this to a new level and called such places Centres for National Resilience. This is bureaucratic fascism, something Australia is good at.

The Centre for National Resilience. It sure doesn’t get much more Orwellian than that. This is a name of which Kim Fats in North Korea would be proud. And this prison, for that is what it will be, is for ‘mandatory quarantine accommodation’. I suppose that people will presume that this will be for all those icky travelers returning from overseas, people like me. But nowhere does it state that this is for travelers. I am of the opinion that this will be used for Australian citizens who fall afoul of ‘ze rules!’ in some manner. Sorry buddy, it’s quarantine for you. Off you go to the lovely Centre for National Resilience, where the food is prepared by water-eyed nymphs, over which the sky is always blue and the sun is shining, and where you will in addition to your quarantine time receive just a small dose of re-education.
But don’t worry, it’s all perfectly innocuous. Why, haven’t you seen our beautiful name for this wonderful correctional paradise? It simply rolls off the tongue. You will be happy there, oh so very happy.
If anything sums up the sheer awfulness of the bureaucratic pigsty and police state that Australia has become, this is surely it. This is the gulag, dear friends. You will be marched off there and you will be let out whenever they feel like letting you out. Knowing Australia, they will then charge you for the privilege of being incarcerated.
So to answer the question of if I intend to return to the fair shores of the land of my birth, I would posit a response along the lines of, not bloody likely. At least, not for quite some time.

It looks like this project will continue. It also looks like science will go back to samizdata for publication of true results.


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2 months ago

I met a nurse in the park the other day who said the tests for Delta were nonsense unless they’d been done/submitted to the CDC. The regular labs aren’t capable of testing for which variant is which. Or you know, kinda. Because so many many people have had off tests. So very many.