The elite’s hard time.

The title of this comes from Kunstler, who was linked to by the Western Rifles people. It is always worthwhile to read Kunstler. He chose to live in a small town decades ago, and that keeps him connected to reality.

Neighbours do that.

Covid-19 is an expedient device for exercising the most severe control over the daily life of Americans, and it is being used liberally once again in the “blue” cities to make ordinary business as difficult as possible even unto shut-down and ruin. FDA approval will further enable the mandatory “vaccination” of school-children, government workers, and corporate employees. About half the country still refuses to get jabbed. You are about to see them go hard-core when the FDA makes its move.
The shadow cabal behind “Joe Biden” will, accordingly, destroy what is left of public education as millions of parents withdraw their kids from the system. You will then see the rapid assembly of home-schooling networks that aggregate informally into small private academies — and, of course, the biggest losers will be the minorities who lack the cultural mojo to home-school. Well done, “Joe Biden” and the FDA! While you’re at it, why not destroy Higher Ed, too? (That sound you’ll hear is plywood getting nailed up on the windows of countless insolvent small colleges.)

This week marks the beginning of the Deep State’s hard time. Its narratives are shredding. Its mind-control measures are slip-sliding away. Half the country has been onto their game for years, and the other half is about to feel their heads explode as a corrective reality elbows into the scene. That is, the real-and-only reality, not the one confabulated backstage for you by skulking quislings. See how you’ve been played? They have taken your country. Maybe you should start caring about that.

Blood over ideology. Hell, friends over ideology, and the elite are if nothing ideological. There are some things we can do right now.

We can mock. The self righteous hate laughter.

We can get on with our lives.

And we can push back. Here Australia is showing us one way forward.

Noncompliance works. Simple refusal to do what you’re told, en masse, cannot be beaten. It also shows other people, who may be complying out of fear and isolation, that they’re not alone.

Regardless of the rhetoric from the state and their tools in the press, more protests are planned for the future. Australian truck drivers, hard-hit by the lockdowns, are planning an industrial action to shut the country down, and there are several legal challenges in the works.
Australia’s government may be setting the standard for Orwellian control, but Australia’s people are showcasing the simple solution: Resist. They only win if we let them.
To paraphrase A Bug’s Life, we’re a lot stronger than they say we are, and they know it. Or, to quote one iconic protester on a white horse, “cross over, they cannot arrest all of us.”

Every small act of non-adherence to the ridiculous rules helps. Every act of humanity, of charity.

Every post of truth.

For they cannot arrest us all, and without our consent they will fall. The only question is how violent and bloody their demise will be.

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F for Freedom
F for Freedom
2 months ago

Small acts of defiance spoken loudly so others can hear at supermarkets being one action to take.
Trying to wake others up with data and information is proving fruitless. I’ve been talking to the masked up on my walks around the neighborhood (a suburb in Auckland) and asking them what kind of psych damage they think we’re inflicting on our kids with all this ridiculousness.
As you say, mock and ridicule. Seems all that can be done right now.

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