Mailbox: Control and Revulsion.

This is from Andrew Torba, from Gab, from my email box.

Almost two years ago I published an article on the Gab News blog about Silicon Valley building a social credit system for the West. Exactly one year later I experienced this social credit system personally when my business and family were blacklisted by Visa after also being banned by Paypal, Stripe, Coinbase, and many other payment processors.
Around this time I wrote a warning letter to Christians about what was happening to me and what would soon be happening, and is now happening, to many more people like me. Earlier this year I wrote about the Silent Christian Secession and the need to build our own economy to escape the pending tyranny of the global elite.
In April I wrote that the vaccine was becoming a religious ceremony–cultish even– and that Christians had an absolute right to reject it. That same month I defended the right of everyone to speak freely on Gab and openly discuss, question, and criticize the vaccines in the face of a censorship crackdown on dissent from Big Tech.
God has blessed me with tremendous foresight and discernment about the Enemy’s next move. It’s why I started Gab in 2016 long before censorship became the center of cultural and political debate that it is today. It’s why I wrote these many warnings to Christians and freedom lovers everywhere about what was happening to me because I knew that it would soon be happening to all of you too.
I don’t take this blessing lightly. These things weigh on my heart heavily as a husband and father of two young children. Everyday I hear stories from Gabbers about how they are being forced and coerced into taking the vaccine when they do not want to.
I am praying that God gives them the peace and discernment they need right now. It sickens me that the Enemy is making my brothers and sisters in Christ choose between feeding their families and retaining their bodily autonomy and being true to their deeply held religious beliefs.
This week we published several religious exemption document templates for people who need them and the response was unbelievable. Many people sent emails, Gab comments, and direct messages thanking us for publishing these and I pray to God that they helped even one person facing an impossible decision to make the right one.
The people in power don’t care about Covid. They don’t care about the vaccines. They care about control. This entire situation is one giant demoralization campaign designed to grind us all down spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. If they can get us all to submit once, they can get us all to submit fully and forever.
We can’t let that happen. Do not let them get in your head with the fear mongering, the lies, and the shapeshifting narratives. They are exposing themselves like never before in human history and we are living through a period of immense spiritual warfare.
We must remember that we are human beings, made in the image of God. We always have choices. We always have hope. Darkness cannot and never will consume the light of Christ.
Do not look to political leaders for help. There is no political solution to a spiritual problem. Look to Jesus Christ

The trouble is that social control does not work when the behavioural endpoint that is aimed for is repulsive, unattractive, sanctimonious and prissy.

Arnold Toynbee said that, when a civilization is young, its creative minority leads the masses by “charm.” Toynbee’s “charm” is the same magnetic attraction that Max Weber called “charisma,” and so long as it lasts, charm overcomes the sullen intractability of the masses and makes them fall into step behind their ruling class. Toynbee calls this falling in step mimesis. But then, sooner or later, the charm wears off, the magic ends, and the masses revert to their natural state of sullen intractability.
And this is when the no-longer-creative minority reaches for the whip and attempts to lead by force. And that is when the masses are stung to active rebellion.
David Brooks is a member of our increasingly charmless and uncreative elite, and his recent article in The Atlantic asks, with his usual quasi-academic earnestness, why so many Americans are nowadays disenchanted with our increasingly charmless and uncreative elite. Brooks concludes that it is because the “creative class” that he long ago taught us to call bobos (bourgeois-bohemians) has been hogging the profits of the information economy they created, and that the national potlach of the Big Biden Spending Bill will therefore revive the old magic by alleviating inequality and resentment.
In other words, he proposes that the elite will hold onto power by bribing the plebians with baubles and beads.
Brooks does not understand that the unruly plebian masses do not envy his bobo lifestyle. They are not yearning to mimic, even in a vulgar and provincial way, the manners of David Brooks and his friends. He does not understand that the unruly plebian masses, whose allegiance the bobo elite has lost, are repelled by the bobos’ pencil-necked unmanliness, their officious scolding, their sexual weirdness, and their everlasting, apple-polishing striving to attract the teacher’s eye and move to the head of the class. They are embarrassed by the bobos’ juvenile spirituality, revolted by their parvenu gourmandizing, and sick to death of their half-wit moral lectures and their infantile ideals.

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5 months ago

Maybe he should have said “bread and circuses”. Or maybe that was already taken.