On the defenestration of Blogspot.

This was from Vox Day on Gab. Gentlemen, get some popcorn.

Because you should never bet against Vox Day. The links here will be updated accordingly.

Please note the blog is available at https://www.voxday.net

It may interest you to know that the blog was never down. We’ve been running multiple live backups for years; the one we attached and updated yesterday 45 minutes after Google blocked the Blogspot site has been live since 2017. While we kept the posts up to date, the sidebars were four years behind, hence the need for the update.

Ignore the current URL location. That can, and will, change at any time, since we now have servers under our direct control to which we will ultimately move the blog. The backup sites exist because they long predate Arktoons, UATV, and even Infogalactic. We will turn the blog comments back on, but not right away since we are too busy to moderate them right now.

We have been waiting a long time for Google to cross certain legal lines, and now they appear to have finally done so. I will keep everyone apprised of how the situation proceeds over the course of the comings weeks and months.