Around the rules for me and not for thee traps.

Cam Slater at BFD is on a roll, as the COVID lockdown continues over here. I note that the ministers of the crown don’t need to wear masks. As Bruce Charlton commented yesterday, contact tracing, masks and hand hygiene don’t stop transmission of viruses. Contact tracing was reserved for TB and sexually transmitted diseases, and was hard enough then. I’d add that the Covid does not care if you are a minister of the crown or not.

The Government is big on enforcing lockdown rules. They’ve even established a snitch line so busybodies can dob in their neighbours or family who won’t comply with the draconian lockdowns in place.
They’ve also passed mask mandate regulations but exempted MPs and Ministers from the annoyance of wearing an ineffectual mask at the same time.
You see rules are for thee and not for me is their thinking. Which explains why for the second time in the space of a week we have seen Labour propagandists caught stuffing letterboxes in contravention of lockdown edicts.

I don’t mind Labour stuffing letterboxes, provided they use plain paper I can use to start fires. Generally, they do not, and the missive goes straight to the landfill. Unread.

I’m noticing that people are not happy and relaxed this time round, and not supporting each other as much. There is an underlying sense of irritation, as expressed in a columnist in today’s ODT.

What a stupid redundant sentence that was. There can be no novelty about something that happens more than once, surely. While I am on the subject of grating expressions, what about the ludicrous GOAT acronym which pervaded recent Olympics coverage? If something is the Greatest, it has to be Of All Time, doesn’t it? It is as silly as saying best ever, worst ever. Best or worst, please.
And please, please Jacinda, Ashley et al, do not talk about the (expletive deleted) team of five million any more. Also, if you do not want to answer a question, or cannot, say so. Do not avoid a curly question by saying ‘‘What I can say is…’’ or ‘‘What I would say is…’’ It is infuriating.
Grumpy. That’s what I am in lockdown this time, in case you haven’t guessed.
It is hard to explain. I have no issue with the necessity for the lockdown, but as valid as criticisms might be about the slowness of the vaccination programme and other shortcomings in our creaking system, I am sick of hearing about them. I wonder instead how it feels to be listening to all of that when you are one of those overworked vaccinators, testers, lab technicians, contact tracers, supermarket workers or anyone else considered part of essential services.
Swanning around at home not doing very much makes me feel useless rather than a member of any team, especially when I know for some people being at home will be dangerous and depressing. Also, compared with the ongoing misery people in many other countries have had to endure, our lockdown concerns seem piffling.

In the meantime, the woke are trying to call things wacist, or micromanaging people with masks, or generally trying to remove any joy from one’s life. The abuse (which is in the second quote) is the kind of stuff any of us are getting right now, if we don’t comply with the leader’s rules: wear masks, don’t talk to the neighbours, stay at home, and be kind.

>[Auckland Councillor Fa’anana Efeso Collins]( is furious that, yet again, Pacific people at the centre of the Delta outbreak are facing hate.
Collins keeps in touch with the Assembly of God church where 58 of the current Covid-19 Delta outbreak cases link back to, and he says tensions and anxieties continue to be an issue among church-goers.
“There is a double standard going on here. The guy who was on the North Shore, a 58-year-old, was praised for getting tested and now we’re seeing belligerent, ugly racist texts being thrown towards the church in Māngere. This is unacceptable.”

The Church leadership have a better approach than to go woke. For the non Kiwis, the use of Coconut to describe Pacific islanders is unwise. Call a Samoan or Tongan (or Rarotonga, Nuiean or Tokalauean) that and you are likely to find yourself in a fight — and lose. There is a reason that the first two groups are over represented in Rugby and League teams. From the Herald

>[“God bless them.”](
That’s the response from a leader at the Assembly of God, Church of Samoa NZ in Māngere, following abusive messages sent to his church’s Facebook account.
One of the messages, which has circulated on social media, said: “GET A COVID TEST YOU STUPID COCONUTS BEFORE YOU KILL US ALL!”

Um, no. At the risk of [offending the disinformation Karens](, and from what’s available overseas, this version of COVID is more infectious and less lethal. The badthinkers at Plan B have revised their proposals for getting us Kiwis out of lockdown and note;

>[The infection is far less threatening than originally forecast by authorities](, including New Zealand, when they proposed lockdowns and other restrictions. Data from the WHO, CDC and other peer-reviewed studies show the median infection fatality ratio (IFR) is ~0.23%, not the projected 3.6%. The condition is therefore more akin to pandemics in 1957 and 1967 than influenza in 1918. Asymptomatic individuals do not spread the infection, removing the key idea underpinning lockdowns. Long-term health effects (“long covid”) have not proven any different to or more prevalent that those experienced in the recovery period from existing circulating pathogens.

What matters is not cases, but ICU admissions and deaths. The number of both, in NZ, as of 24th August, is zero (Today’s stats are not out yet.) The data we are being given is without meaning. Ryan Bridges comments (from Newshub)

>[I’m still in disbelief that the Prime Minister and her army of spin doctors]( don’t think we, the public, can’t see through the parade of justifications and political messages being pumped our way before, the obedient subjects we are, are finally given the vital health information we’ve been waiting all day for.
Let’s look at Saturday’s press conference first – bear in mind, you’ve been locked up in your house for four days now, the kids are screaming in the background, but you need this information.
“I want to start today by sharing some good news,” Ardern began.
Oh oh, you know you’re in trouble – good news is code for ‘spin’.
And this one’s a doozy. You see, the Government knows it’s cocked up the vaccine rollout, so they’re desperate to spin that we haven’t. So we get spoon-fed good news and reports of daily records being reached.
“So far, 72 percent of New Zealanders aged 40-plus are either booked or have been vaccinated with at least one dose,” Ardern said.
Just to be clear, our Prime Minister is not saying 72 percent of us are vaxxed. She’s not saying 72 percent of adults are vaxxed. She’s not even saying 72 percent of anybody has been vaxxed.
She’s saying 72 percent of people aged over 40 have had either one jab, just one, or have merely booked themselves in to be vaxxed – which is completely useless information. They don’t even have enough jabs in the country right now to cover them all.
That’s like a chef bragging about how many bookings he’s got at a restaurant for the next three months – not how many people he fed that night. And he doesn’t even know if he can feed them yet.
It’s bizarre and it’s spin, and spin on its own is fine. It’s politics.
But spin like this, before you’ve told scared and desperate Kiwis – trying to corral the kids to shut up for five minutes so you can hear one, how many goddamn cases have we got and two, did I visit a location of interest – is, well, pretty shameless.

No cases in the South Island today, 61 more in Auckland and Wellington . 12 in hospital. None in ICU. None dead. 80K vaccinated yesterday. And one good meme.


In other news, the vaccine trials have extended to children. One hopes with parental consent.


You don’t teach your kids about science by enrolling them in clinical trials. You teach your kids about science by getting them to do physics experiments. The stupid here hurts. Besides, there are risks.


Because if things go wrong (and they can) to a child that you are responsible for you are accountable. Time to quote the Supreme Dark Lord’s wife and muse.

>[You are. He is your son]( You were supposed to protect him. This is on you. There is zero chance parents haven’t heard about the heart issues with the vaccine by now and they are STILL giving it to their kids or insisting their kids get it. Do govt’s and pharma bear some responsibility? Of course, especially for trying to hide it, but at this point if something happens to your child, it’s on you. You have only yourself to blame.

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4 months ago

The rules for thee and not for me are *hopefully* why Pelosi’s nephew is about to be ousted.

4 months ago

Yes, people are grumpy. They’re being seriously buggered around. Lectured on kindness by a woman who cheerfully describes killing 13000 odd babies a year as a reproductive health matter and who has legislated euthanasia.
Kindness? She lies like a bathroom rug

She and the horse she rode in on are a pox on NZ. The lumpen mass who don’t think but feel are now starting to show disquiet and her spinmeister team is burning the midnight oil. Quick, see if there’s a church we can blame

To be plain, things are turning to shit. Understandable when you’re governed by a rainbow rabble

This is a thing of beauty, mate