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As usual, a mishmash of what is happening, primarily in New Zealand. Internationally, the big issue is the collapse of the American Empire. From Vox Popoli.

This catastrophic defeat was the neoclowns’ war. This was not America’s failure, it was the failure of the self-styled “national security right” who flattered themselves into believing that they dictated reality with their words. Afghanistan is the neocons’ failure. It is AIPAC’s failure. Genuine Americans never wanted, supported, or endorsed the concept of an empire in the Middle East.
To quote one veteran who served in it: “My friends died for nothing. My soldiers died for nothing. I served for nothing. And the communists took over at home.”

The PM who committed NZ troops to Afghanistan before disappearing into the UN is fuming. It’s worth noting that she was allied with Tony Blair: the neocons included many on the left, Note also that Jacinda Ardern was mentored by her and by Blair.

Helen Clark has described the chaos unfolding in Afghanistan as "one of the lowest points of Western foreign policy in decades".
The Taliban – a strict Islamist militant group that held the country before being ousted 20 years by invading Western forces following the September 11, 2001 attacks – appears to be back in control after a stunning military advance that took the world by surprise.
Clark, who as New Zealand Prime Minister committed Kiwi troops to the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001, said predictions the Taliban were months away from attacking the capital Kabul turned out to be completely wrong.
"It ranks alongside the collapsed invasion of Suez, it ranks alongside not reading the intelligence about the Tet Offensive in Vietnam and the disorderly withdrawal from there. This is catastrophic… it’s a very sad day for Afghanistan… and the US is now left without leverage to influence that future."

I put up some memes about the neoclowns yesterday. There will be more, without doubt, this week, and bleaker.

Groundswell update.

It looks like the next farmer protest is scheduled for November. Correction: from this week.

Groundswell New Zealand says it is planning a "major nationwide protest event" in November, following a lack of response by the Government to its concerns.
Although a date was yet to be set and details of the event outlined, spokesman Bryce McKenzie, of West Otago, said it would be "of a scale and impact that will be significant in New Zealand’s history".
Last month, convoys of thousands of tractors and utes took part nationally in Groundswell NZ’s Howl of a Protest event, protesting against what it says are unworkable government regulations.
Its Enough is Enough message, outlining the group’s concerns, which was delivered at the protests, gave the Government a month to address the issues, or it would take further action.
Yesterday, Mr McKenzie said various campaign actions would be undertaken before the November protest.
The first was this Friday and called Can Your Hear Us? At 12.30pm, Groundswell NZ was calling for a show of two minutes’ support "by every car, bike, truck, train — anything with a horn" tooting in support of its campaign. That would be repeated every Friday for the following three weeks.
Asked whether he believed there would be as much support as for Howl of a Protest, Mr McKenzie said he was confident there would be "a lot more".
There were indications from people not part of the first protest, because it was held during the week, that they would like to be involved, along with some in the transport industry.
There had been "no let-up" for the Groundswell NZ team since Howl of a Protest.
"It’s full on all the time now. People are wanting more," he said.
The group was also writing to all councils calling for a halt to all Resource Management Act planning processes.
That was mainly because of the significant negative impact zonings such as SNAs (significant natural areas), wetlands and landscapes were having on people and their property values, Mr McKenzie said.
The group was also calling for landowners to decline access for councils or their agents wanting to undertake mapping or information gathering on private land.
The group’s campaign was primarily concerned about the "unworkable" regulations including freshwater, indigenous biodiversity and climate change. It recently added the Three Waters reform and Water Services Bill to the list.
Mr McKenzie reiterated the group was not against the need for regulation nor the need to care for the environment. Nor was it calling for a halt to addressing environmental issues.
"We are saying there are much better, proven solutions to addressing environmental issues than the one size fits all approach being legislated by the Government."

Otago Daily Times.

Vegans going to be twits.


How to alienate people. Particularly those who get sick when they try going vegan. The antinutrients in plants can really make your inflammation worse.

In a recent protest which Newshub understands took place in Melbourne, Peterson, known as ‘Vegan Booty’ on Instagram, painted herself with cow markings and stood in the meat aisle of a local supermarket holding a sign that read: "They raped me and stole my babies".
Shouting at startled supermarket shoppers, Petron asked if they knew what happens to cows on farms, "so you can consume their breast milk"?
"They are artificially inseminated and raped to become pregnant, so they can produce [milk]," Peterson yells in the video on her Instagram account.
"When she gives birth after a nine-month pregnancy her babies are immediately taken away from her, [and] her daughters endure the same life of slavery and repeated rape."
Peterson said farm animals like cows, chickens and pigs are "just as sentient and intelligent as your beloved dogs and cats".
"Why are you paying for animal abuse and murder? I’m sure all of you would say you love animals and you’d go against animal abuse. Yet every day you pay people to shoot them in the head, slit their throats and force them into murder factories."
It was at this point supermarket staff stepped in, telling Peterson to move along and attempting to grab the sign out of her hands.
"Get out of the shop," one worker told Peterson while she continued to yell that fellow shoppers "have the right to know the truth".
She told workers: "I’m not leaving until you stop selling products of animal cruelty".
"Stop making profit off animal abuse."

Eat meat. It is good for you. Bacon included: it has the great virtue of offending vegans, Muslims and Jews. Avoid rabbit food: it’s full of antinutrients.

Aussie Covid Stasi.

It’s Australia, so expected: if it was NZ it would be it’s own post. The NZ minister of health is having to deal with a nursing strike tomorrow (and weekly thereafter) so can’t go full fascist… yet.

NSW Police Minister David Elliott is urging the public to tip off police to illegal family gatherings and household visits, saying it is one of the most effective ways for the state to bring the COVID-19 outbreak under control.
As a 21-day police blitz began across the state on people flaunting public health orders, Premier Gladys Berejiklian warned NSW could reach 1000 cases a day “if people keep ignoring the rules”.
NSW reported another record number of infections on Monday, with 478 cases and seven deaths. Transmission inside homes remains one of the main ways the virus spreads.
Mr Elliott said having the public report illegal family gatherings and household visits to Crime Stoppers would be one of the most useful ways to help stop case numbers rising.
“I implore members of the community to consider Crime Stoppers as one of the most useful and important weapons in the war against COVID,” Mr Elliott told the Herald.
“Do not underestimate its ability to gather vital intelligence for police.”

No. Don’t dob in your family. Visit them instead. Be human, not an NPC. Adam has some words that should motivate.

But the vaccine is a great moment and opportunity for those who chafe at their political and social bondages. It is simultaneously both highly personal and community minded. In a personal sense you refuse to be obediently poisoned by the regime. But in a community sense, the weight of those individual refusals quickly begin to add up. They cannot unperson fifty per cent of the population. Not without grave consequences to their bottom line.
In short, it is the biggest opportunity for taking a stand against the benign tyranny of the modern age since its inception. This is the great moment. This is why governments are going all-in with their efforts to force people to get the jab. And the more hysterical they become, the more ridiculous their demands, the more that they abuse their power, then the more that we are closer to winning.
And winning in this case has a good opportunity of tearing open the curtains to expose the pathetic Wizard of Oz operating the levers for all of the normies to see. The individual pressure to submit and just take the jab is great. I know that as well as anyone. But the more that the pressure mounts, then the more that your real vote counts. Choose wisely, for the generations that follow.


There is a community case of the COVID in New Zealand

The chances that society will be kind is close to nil. The underlying anger in NZ is significant, and I expect that most people are going to be noncompliant.

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bruce charlton
bruce charlton
5 months ago

Who knows what went on and is happening in Afghanistan – not me, because it all comes via the mass media. All I know from the media is what is Not happening – i.e. whatever they say Is happening.

As for being the biggest foreign policy disaster – well, that depends on what FP is aiming to achieve.

According to the leader of the Barnabas Fund (who gave a talk at my ex-church) the US/UK/EU-led ‘Arab Spring’ all-but wiped out Christianity in the Middle East, where tens of millions had survived the rise and takeover of Islam.

Indeed, he said (from extensive direct observation) that in some places nobody knew what had happened to most of the Christians – they just weren’t there any more.

The mass media didn’t report on that – but it was probably the core objective of Western intervention.