I need a new title for the daybook.

I have been calling these posts “Around the traps”. They have become far too regular as the situation in New Zealand moves from one period of social distancing to longer and longer time frames, with continual input from people who think computer models are accurate, and the police getting more and more intrusive. We now are thinking about every time we leave the house, as the police are stopping people randomly. At least they are not looking at your watch if you are out running to ensure you have not run too far or too long.

Epidemiologist Rod Jackson told RNZ’s Nine to Noon, that with the rest of the country in lockdown, these workers, who were the only group allowed to move about in the community, were one of the main ways for the virus to spread. He said essential workers could also be required to wear masks all of the time. Meanwhile, Cabinet ministers are deciding the next steps for Auckland and Northland and will announce their decision at 4pm today. The rest of the country is set to move to alert level 3 from midnight tomorrow.

Radio NZ

In the meantime, we will be able to get some things fixed that are urgent-ish, for instance the roof leak at Kea’s parents house. Earliest time is Friday. I love lockdowns.

Not that the advice we are given — such as having the bluetootn COVID 19 function switched on when you are walking about — leads to any change. Firstly, there are no cases in the community as of writing in the South Island. Secondly, the public health contact traces don’t use them.

Basically the Ministry of Health has not trained contact tracers to ask if an infected person has used the bluetooth function. Considering the mounds of advertising on the capability, and how we were told it was vital people turned it on, this is hugely disappointing.


One wonders who will use this tool: the police? Intelligence? We are told it is there for contact tracing so we can keep an elimination strategy for the COVID. But it is not being used.

In the meantime, the side effects of the vaccine are starting to be reported in the press.

A woman’s death has been linked back to the Pfizer vaccine, the first recorded death in New Zealand linked to the vaccine The Covid-19 Vaccine Independent Safety Monitoring Board advised the Ministry of Health that the woman had developed myocarditis, a severe side affect, after receiving the Pfizer jab.  Myocarditis is a rare side effect of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.”The CV-ISMB considered that the myocarditis was probably due to vaccination. The CV-ISMB noted that there were other medical issues occurring at the same time which may have influenced the outcome following vaccination,” the board said. “This is the first case in New Zealand where a death in the days following vaccination has been linked to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.”The case has now been referred to the Coroner to determine the cause of death. 

Up to August 7, five deaths were still under investigation by the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring over whether they were linked to the vaccine.  

One News

Parliament sitting is “white privelege”

You really have to despise the Maori Party. It’s remit is to ensure that Maori elite are consulted and paid off at every opportunity due to their interpretation of the treaty as giving Maori (16% population) co sovereignty with the remainder of the population. We fought a war over land and this issue 100 years ago. The Maori Lost. Does not stop them trying again though.

The Māori Party will not attend in-person sessions of Parliament under Covid-19 lockdown, saying National and ACT are endangering people by rejecting a virtual option.Māori Party co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer said she and fellow co-leader Rawiri Waititi would not be attending in-person Parliament.The Green Party have also said they will only attend when Wellington is in level 3 – not on Tuesday, when it remains in level 4.Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern asked the Speaker to suspend sitting of the House last week, but opted not to this week, saying she did not want to do so without the support of other parties.The Speaker and Labour pushed a “virtual Parliament” option that would have allowed MPs to participate by video-link, but National and ACT have rejected this, saying Parliament needs to be in-person to work.While Labour could technically force a virtual Parliament or suspend sittings for another week unilaterally, decisions about the House are usually handled on a bipartisan basis in the Business Committee.National’s Shadow Leader of the House Michael Woodhouse said democracy was “tactile” and he could not see why Ardern could hold 1pm press conferences with media but not appear in Parliament.Ngarewa-Packer said National and ACT’s response reeked of “white privilege”

Generational Theft due to government policy

Arthur Grimes used to work in the NZ Reserve Bank and is an expert on monetary policy. He sheets the house rise increases directly to government policy. In short, very low interest has led to home owners profiting from marked increase in house prices. My children are being priced out of the market by this, and this change came in with the current woke numpties

In 1989, the then Labour Government changed the Reserve Bank Act to focus monetary policy on keeping prices stable. It recognised that previous monetary policies under Robert Muldoon had made property speculators rich through borrowing to buy property in times of high inflation.

The current Labour Government, then in coalition with NZ First, decided to revert to a formulation of the act similar to that under Muldoon. After receiving advice from Treasury – and, indirectly, from Treasury’s advisers – it widened the act to include a new task for the Reserve Bank: to achieve “maximum sustainable employment” in addition to its price-stability mandate. The amended act came into force in December 2018.

I have seen no record that Treasury warned the Government that this change would lead to asset-price rises, including house prices. This is despite existing studies, including one of my own, showing that setting a “dual mandate” would lead to a ratcheting up of asset prices. The advice also ignored the Muldoon-period experience of property owners getting rich as a result of monetary policy settings that benefit those owning property.

Monetary policy under the amended Reserve Bank Act has lived up to the predictions: it has sparked huge increases in the wealth of property owners at the expense of Māori and Pacific peoples and at the expense of the young. House prices have risen by a staggering 44 per cent in less than three years since the amended act came into force

Housing supply constraints and high migration – which traditionally push up house prices – have not been the culprits on this occasion.

The central culprit has been monetary policy that has flooded the economy with liquidity. This liquidity in turn has found its way into the housing market.

Arthur Grimes.

Our government has the Biden disease. It ignores advice — particularly from those who have seen these things before — and cheerfully progresses down foolish paths, and is then shocked to find that the policies fail.

Terminal neoclownitis

Vox Day notes that the feminists and progressives are worried that based men think the Taliban better than the official government, which promotes abortion, transgenderism, and feminism. His rants are terse and scathing.

Clown World isn’t our culture. Mixed-race multiethnic multireligious transgendered diversity isn’t our nation. The neoclowns aren’t our people. Every intelligent Western man and woman hates literally everything about the Tolerance, Equality, Progress, Inclusive, Diverse neoclown world, so much so that anyone who is sane would quite reasonably prefer the rule of anyone from the Chinese Neoconfucians and the Russian Orthodox Nationalists to the Taliban and MS-13 in preference to the inept and wicked rule of the moronic females and post-Christian pharisatanics who presently rule over the people of the West through word magic, credit money, and media fiat. The nations will rise. The neoclown empire will fall. Christendom will return. And feminism, which is the only political ideology in history more stupid than Communism and more evil than National Socialism, will be eradicated.


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1 month ago

Housing supply constraints and high migration – which traditionally push up house prices”

See Vancouver, Canada circa 1980s and up. Canadian government decided that what we really needed was Hong Kong Chinese with lots of money. Those of us who had already lived in Vancouver for most or all of our lives were pretty happy the way it was. Now it is unlivable and an average house costs $1.3M

bruce charlton
bruce charlton
1 month ago

But it is not being used.”

Don’t worry – it will be. The UK economy is being devastated – with massive closures of businesses due to ‘quarantining’ staff – due to a fake contact tracing scheme that was installed last year but only implemented this year. This has been the main way of damaging the economy in recent months. If you want to read about it in the media, it is called ‘pinging’ – when people are informed they are contacts (as decided via a smart phone app) and instructed to say home for X days staring immediately.

Meanwhile back in the real world, in proper studies, there are essentially zero established instances of asymptomatic transmission. Not that the disease is worth contact tracing in the first place – plus of course contact tracing doesn’t work with respiratory disease… In a world constructed on big lies, evidence has no meaning.