In which rants happen, and a Mormon swears.

Alrighty, what’s happening today apart from this wonderful rant from Larry the Manatee? Larry is Mormon, and the entire thing is worth reading, but it is below the fold, for the sake of the kiddies. It is about Afghanistan, where the West lost, and the US has left many people behind.

NZ left people behind as well, because we did not act fast enough. Then Ardern gave the Taliban aid money. Biden is at least senile. Or worse, we could be ruled by the globohomo muppets who run Canada.

Canada’s minister for women and gender equality referred to the Taliban as “our brothers” during a virtual news conference Wednesday morning. “I want to take this opportunity to speak to our brothers, the Taliban,” Maryam Monsef said. “We call on you to ensure the safe and secure passage of any individual in Afghanistan out of the country.” 

Fox News

The daughter lives in Canada and is unimpressed. I thought New Zealand had incompetent, terminally woke ministers of the crown. I was wrong. And the USA, if anything with the current regimen, is worse. Far worse. Approaching soviet show trial worse.

We tried to warn you. All the clues were there. The history was there. But then they kicked us off the internet, and you cheered. The only person who has been held accountable so far is a Marine Lieutenant Colonel who spoke up—knowing it would inevitably get him punished but did so anyway—asking the hard questions and demanding accountability from his leadership. So he got removed while they insinuated that he was mentally ill, and all the useful idiots were happy because any military officer who questioned the regime was obviously a danger to himself and others (which sounds oddly familiar to anybody who read about the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 40s). The thing is, we all know that Marine isn’t crazy. He said the emperor has no clothes. They clearly fucked up. We all know they fucked up. Even the usual lefty cheer leaders know it was fuck up. You know your guy fucked up too, otherwise you wouldn’t be hiding.  You don’t have to keep hiding….I’ve supported the wrong guy before. The key is admitting you screwed up and then trying to make it right. Been there, done that. Own you shit. Don’t make excuses for them. Hold your side accountable. And for the love of God, quit believing the institutions which continually lie to you.

Larry the Manatee

Delta news.

The country will be in two areas as of tomorrow: Level 3 means that construction and manufacturing can start with social distancing protocols. This is useful to us as our renovation is on hold right now. However, this was in gab this morning.

I can confirm that a public servant who lives in Auckland but works in the Waikato has tested positive for Covid-19. They were at work on Saturday. Get ready for the yo-yo.

@NewZealander, Gab

Nothing on the 1 PM bulletin. No changes in the plan. Social isolation to continue. This is bad for the marginal, for young people… but it is good for the government, who wants us atomized and dependant on them. Ain’t going to work. You need to look at more than infection.

From Aussie Gab. Did you think it would not be used?

With Covid 19 all sorts of people have emerged as self-designated epidemiologists, modellers, experts in contagious diseases, you name it…. Our media can’t get enough of them. New ones appear each time you turn on the radio or TV. But we need to remember that they are trained to deal with illness, and not surprisingly they concentrate their advice on what seems possible from their narrow expertise. None seems to have much other knowledge about the world or about the nature of our economy. All have secure incomes. Nearly all seem determined to chase eradication of Covid from New Zealand as though it is an achievable goal.

Our “experts” need education in the ways of the world and the practical impossibility of maintaining Fortress New Zealand.

If we keep on our present trek back to the 1950s, mostly locked up and sliding down the economic and education gurgler, there won’t be much that is worthwhile to leave our grandkids.

Michael Bassett,

If the trek back to the 1950s was moral, spiritual and cultural I would applaud. But Bassett is not talking about that, he is talking about restrictions on imports that increased cost of living. What he misses is that I would applaud protecting our factories and farms. We did manage to run a democratic welfare state for 40 odd years

Then it went bankrupt, and it is that bankruptcy that Bassett saw when he was a minister, and it is that he should fear.