One Case COVID: National Lockdown.

Here we go: there is no attempt to (ahem) manage community outbreaks apart from bringing in social distancing and locking the entire nation down. If there is one, repeat one case in New Zealand.

The risk of a Delta outbreak means a relook at New Zealand’s alert level settings, says Covid-19 response minister Chris Hipkins.
Officials were "adjusting our response" because of Covid variants emerging around the world, Hipkins said. This included in Sydney, Australia, which is into its seventh week of lockdown amid still-rising case numbers and deaths.
Hipkins told media at today’s Covid update that the adjustment meant – if there was a case of an outbreak – New Zealand would likely see a quicker move to level 4.
A "short sharp lockdown" was preferable to a drawn out response, he said.
Further lockdowns were possible, would come with little notice and everybody should have a plan of what to do in those circumstances, he said.
"This is not over," Hipkins said of Covid-19.
In case of a Delta outbreak, Hipkins said the response would be "swift and severe", with potentially even one community case sending the country into level 4 lockdown.
Health systems around the world have been quickly overwhelmed from Covid outbreaks, Hipkins said. DHBs had been working to increase capacity, ICU beds, ventilators and oxygen supply as part of contingency supply.
Bloomfield said there was now a well-developed ICU network across the country. The challenge was not so much the beds but having capable staff. There had been training since last April to increase staff numbers, Bloomfield said.
An announcement around compulsory QR scanning and mask use were expected in the next week or two, Hipkins said.
Regarding mask use, Hipkins said that would be part of a response approach, introduced at different alert levels.
On QR scanning, Hipkins said this was a crucial part of the response to combat Delta. He was not happy with the current low rates of use, and there would also be an announcement on new measures to increase usage shortly, he said.

At the same time.

  • The groundswell rural protests have a day of action on August 16.
  • The nursing and midwifery service have a day long strike on August 19.
  • Senior doctors are considering strike action at stopwork meetings.

This government no longer leading a team of five million. They are bringing in hate speech laws, anti conversion therapy laws that could criminalize parents, and crumbling infrastructure and research systems that appear to be a lower priority than woke issues.

They have lost the goodwill of the country: we now have data that contredicts the use of lockdowns. This is a time of danger because I fully expect our govermnment ot go full fascist.

Papierein Bitte!?. Nah.