Wormy worm.

This is from Gab. The UMR poll results are not shown in NZ unless Labour wants them to come out.


At the same time, Vox Popoli is down, and that is a fair amount of the blogger traffic that exists.

Let’s see what happens.


Vox Popoli is up

This is, of course, yet another reminder – as if another one was necessary – of why acclimatizing to the The Cult of Free is a fundamental mistake and why building our own platforms is an absolute priority.
There is nothing to fear here. This is a battle we have long anticipated, some more eagerly than others. Sadly, the hound dog who was Alphabet’s former head of legal is gone, so we can’t assume complete incompetence, but that will only make the eventual victory all the more glorious.
Remember, conflict is the air we breathe. It is the water in which we swim.

Brother Didact is making popcorn.

Brothers, you have two choices in times like these. Either you are the trailer park, or you are the storm. That’s it, and if you dither, you won’t have a choice – you WILL become the trailer park.
I know damned well which one I would prefer to be. That is part of the reason why I moved the old Didact’s Reach site onto an independently hosted platform, and why all content from this site is backed up locally on my machine. (You can never be 100% certain that shared-hosting providers are on your side either.)
If you are still using “free” services for your daily business and most important dealings, then remember: YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. You must snap the chains of the Cult of Free. I’ve got an entire post that tells you, in precise detail, exactly how to do it.
Support the Supreme Dark Lord in this fight. Stand with your allies and friends. Do not back down, and do not be afraid. For us Christians, persecution and the hatred of the world are NORMAL. Heck, if the world actually liked us, that would be a gigantic problem from our perspective, because what we believe is, by the standards of the world around us, COMPLETELY FREAKIN’ INSANE.
And it would be, too, if we didn’t have facts, history, and logic on our side. But that doesn’t matter in a world gone mad.
So do not be worried, brothers. Do not let your hearts be heavy or troubled. This is going to be FUN. Sit back, relax, grab a bowl of popcorn, and watch the ensuing fireworks.
If, on the other hand, you are spoiling for the fight – like me – then get involved. Subscribe to UATV, or to Arkhaven Comics. Give the Dark Lord and the Legal Legion of Evil what they need to start beating the snot out of some jumped-up SJWs. And watch them crumble and run when the time comes to cross swords.

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5 months ago

Seems that an investigation could happen while the blog was up and running, with perhaps a limitation on just the posts that are under investigation. However that would imply good faith on the part of the investigators.