Around the traps.

Fair warning: it is quite unlikely there will be a meme post or a music post this week. We are in the middle of a crisis, where the Antipodes are now functionally fascist. From Gab.

We are headed to full-on tyranny. Your body and life will be owned. Freedom will no longer exist as you once knew it. 2021 is worse than 2020, and 2022 will be worse than 2021.
This year we have no mask, no food. Last year, during lockdown level 4 we did not have to wear masks in supermarkets. The government are ramping up. Soon it will be no vax passport, no food. Then it will be, low credit score, house arrest, no food.
The end game is to own you and control you 100%.
The problem the government faces is with the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated constitute a huge control group. If the vaccinated get sick and die, while the unvaccinated live and thrive, the government’s narrative falls apart immediately. So they want us all vaccinated.
Like this:
Your body and life is controlled. The vaccine is slavery. You give up your bodily health to someone who decides whether you get a booster, and if the booster doesn’t kill you straight away, which it may, you wait until the next booster. Misbehave and > LOW SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE > NO BOOSTER > DEATH
This is obvious now and you cannot fail to see it. You must resist. The world these evil bastards envision is not one worth living in. This is worth fighting for. Fight until you give your last breath. Do not surrender.


The lockdown is a mistake, it is giving people time to research the experience overseas — where the current delta variant of CoViD is survived by the vast majority, and in the UK more people among the over 50s die vaccinated than unvaccinated.

People are realized that they are being lied to.


And Australia is now saying they need to as hard as NZ. Which is scary: the fascists have set the army against the population.

I’m talking about what happens when the people of a nation give up their rights and freedoms and meekly surrender to their governments.
We are seeing exactly this happening in the Antipodes. Our friends and brothers in Australia and New Zealand are now living under some of the harshest, stupidest, most expensive, most pointless, and utterly ridiculous Kung Flu lockdowns in the world.
How bad is it? I’ll let someone who lives there explain.
The following comes from a series of messages sent to me by a good friend and longtime reader, who is an eyewitness to the madness that has gripped his country:
Hi Didact, I am just letting you know what is happening in Australia, and honestly I’m just asking you pray for the Australian people. I am at my most stressed at the moment but I pray to the Lord to give me strength.
Now, if you don’t know much about Australia, it is broken up into states like the USA. Each state has some power, that the Federal Government cannot touch. Normally this is not an issue but recent events have pushed this system in very bad directions. Australia has not allowed its citizens to leave the country since 24th March 2020 (you can find more information here). Coming into or out of the country is almost impossible without special exemptions – even for Australian citizens. Now that is hard enough, but the last 2 months have been a nightmare for those living in Sydney. It has been in lockdown since 21 June 2021, and now the whole state of New South Wales will be in lockdown as well, starting from 22 August 2021.
We now have armed troops on the streets in Sydney. The police have been both arresting people and fining them for protesting. I did hear that the government is mandating 5 years in prison for breaking the lockdown to protest, but can not find an article to support this.
In Victoria, in the Australian Southeast, the entire state has been lockdown 5 times since the start of 2020, and is now in its 6th lockdown. It is easily the worst state to live in the entire country for the last 2 years. Now they are suffering under more lockdowns, and at one point they enforced a 5Km distance limit from your home. And now they are handing out huge fines as well to quarantine violators.
Turning to Queensland, all health workers there must be vaxxed. It is now requiring anyone travelling into or out of the State to be vaxxed even for essential work.
I live in one state and work in another. Now I can not work unless I get a jab for crossing the state borders. I don’t recognise my own country anymore. What was the point of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq if we end up worse than them?
Another good friend from the Antipodes, Adam Piggott the Gentleman Adventurer, has expressed similar sentiments.


What we have locally is a very nasty virus. You end up having difficulty breathing, from a combination of a nasty sinusitus and bronchitis. It hangs around for weeks. Many people have been tested including this blogger, and it is not COVID. We are now told to mask. Mask are mandatory for all essential workers at work unless they are in a room by themselves — with the door closed. (Admittedly, my ideal work environment). You have to mask with your colleagues, who you have worked with in the same enclosed space for years.

This may stop the crud we have. Not sure if it will stop something really infectious.

There is a cost for a lockdown. Outpatient clinics are cancelled, and the number of important investigations limited. This means people have delays in treatment, which can have lethal consequences.

And this bleak equation is being ignored by the media locally.

Locally, there have been discussions of closing hospitals, staff have been sent home if they were in contact with positive COVID swabs, and there are threats to staff who don’t wear masks. The government say they have got the cases under control in a press conference, and then a few minutes later [indicate that there are now cases in Wellington](

The 3 PM press conference was brutal. The PM indicated they had contacts around the country, and therefore the lockdown is extended from Friday this week until Tuesday next week.

We are not grateful in Casa Kea. Jacinda is listening to too many experts and not enough people who have to pay staff, or are alone, or are ont on state salaries. This is going to end badly.