Devuan and linkage

Devuan to the rescue

Via, of all things social galactic, I read links on rescuing old hardware using Devuan. It gets rid of Systemd. This allowed him to resurrect some old hardware. I have an old laptop that has major problems with wifi. Let’s see if this works.

Devuan GNU+Linux is a fork of Debian without systemd that allows users to reclaim control over their system by avoiding unnecessary entanglements and ensuring Init Freedom.

So, downloaded the stable iso, burned it, and booted. I was out of usb sticks so went out to get some small ones — small is now 32 GB, whit ch used to be overkill, and then booted it into the old machine.

Simple xfce interface. Has older wifi system that identified the wifi card, found all the networks and identified security for all of them. The main issue was recalling the passwords.

The system is stable at first install. Synaptic works.

It does feel old school, but rock stable, which is how debian should feel. I still consider Manjaro as the best choice for modern machines, but Devuan is very good. And it rescued and old machine.

Testing this I’m having difficulty getting bluetooth working to stream music to speakers — but I have that client on my cellphone. I’ve installed Chromium and Midori. This will work until I can get an ARM laptop, then back to Manjaro,


Cleantalk security is disabled. The spam capture is working though.

I have added a WordPress login for comments. I’m also going to hold my nose and allow facebook and twitter. Let’s see where that goes.

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27 days ago

Oh, I learned something. I just chose “create account” and it logged me in to your site with my WP info. I didn’t realize that I was creating a specific DB account rather than a new WP account. Confusion abated.

27 days ago

I wonder if the fact that I use a VPN is confusing the issue. I’ve read that many VPN IPs routinely get blocked. The internet companies claim that it is to stop spam generators and maybe it is, but it also keeps me jumping back and forth from server to server as I periodically have to try to find one that will let me send email, access the internet, etc.

28 days ago

I guess I’ll continue for now as before. Clicking the login button claims I don’t have an account. Clicking the WP button asks me to agree to create a new account. Am I creating an account for this page rather than for WP, if so, what is the point of having a WP account? A bit confused.

My Sony Vaio laptop, which has been a workhorse since I bought it ten-ish years ago is starting to have issues. I took it apart once and then took it to a computer repair. It has an SSD that I added, the DVD burner will read but hasn’t burned in some years. Seems to periodically start just running like mad. Probably updates or something but just seems odd. Thought about buying a brand new one but Sony is out of the business. So I muddle along. Might buy a Dell when this one gets too problematic.

Over the years I’ve thought about switching to Linux but was always too lazy. Also always only had one computer so didn’t really want to experiment. Recently thought about building a Plex media server as I have a large collection of digital movies and music but also don’t have a second computer to put it on. Seems like Macs are the general choice for that stuff as they don’t build up crap like PCs do but then I don’t have one of those either.