Planning Robotically.

The government is being over ambitious, perhaps. This was in today’s paper.

The Health Minister has bold ambitions for New Zealand’s vaccination rate.

A range of initiatives are being rolled out to increase vaccination numbers, with six buses being used as mobile vaccine clinics in Auckland from tomorrow.

The Government hasn’t set a specific target, on how many people it would like to see vaccinated.

But Andrew Little to Mike Hosking he’d like to see the vaccination rate hit the high 90s, so a raft of restrictions can be removed.

“Not just us moving around inside the country, but people coming into the country. We can change the rules around managed isolation, we can let more people in, all those sorts of things.”

And any alternative is leading to people being officially stigmatized and shunned.

Cr Vandervis confirmed he was hesitant about getting the vaccine, but said it was far too soon to call him an anti-vaxxer.

Highlighting New Zealanders’ human rights had generated some hysterical reactions, he said.

Posting a video of retired British scientist and former Pfizer employee Dr Michael Yeadon did not amount to an endorsement.

Prof Ussher said the video content was pure conspiracy theory.

‘‘This person’s remarks have previously been discredited and claims fact-checked and shown to be patently false by several agencies.’’

A Ministry of Health spokesman said people should carefully consider what information they passed on or shared with friends and whanau.

Medsafe had noticed an increase in people attempting to import Ivermectin.

Cr Vandervis said he was not giving advice to anyone about what to do and debate was healthy.

‘‘I try to find the best data that I can,’’ he said.

‘‘I give people things to think about.’’

He was ‘‘unrepentantly provocative — guilty as charged’’.

Director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said he received ‘‘dozens of emails a day’’ promoting Ivermectin as a Covid-19 remedy.

‘‘One thing I can say categorically about treatment here and now, Ivermectin is not a proven, safe treatment for Covid-19,’’ Dr Bloomfield said.

Prof Ussher said the approving Covid-19 vaccines was as rigorous as for any vaccines.

The technology behind the Pfizer vaccine used in New Zealand was relatively new, but it could not alter people’s genes. Significant data showed the vaccine was safe during pregnancy.

New Zealand’s Immunisation Advisory Centre and the US Centres for Disease Control had reliable information online for people to consult, he said.

So that’s it. There are no officail alternatives to the Pfizer vaccine and lockdown. We are not allowed to talk about them. This is facile, childish, moronic. But our rulers are without options. Cam Slater:

Labour is continuing to lock us all down in Auckland because they know they poll better when people are scared silly.

Lockdowns will continue until Labour’s polling gets back up to 50%. Considering their own internal polling has shown they’ve barely moved, we may be here for some time.

Please note that there are alternative viewpoints, from other nations. We are simply not allowed to discuss them in our current tyranny.

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1 month ago

I keep hearing people claim the vaccines have been rigorously tested… That isn’t physically possible because there hasn’t been enough time to do full testing. There are reasons that vaccines take years to decades to come out; the time element is critical and can’t be rushed.

1 month ago

“That’s been debunked” says the guy with no links to actual scientific debunking about the paper containing links to actual science.

I have two friends who are either pregnant or have recently been pregnant (baby arrived last Friday). Both have doctors who strongly recommended that they wait on the vaccine until after pregnancy, both doctors also encouraged them to get the vaccine after the baby so not anti-wuvax. You going to risk your baby on what the government tells you after the number of lies they have already put out over the past 550 days?