Happy Father’s Day.

I know that it is not Father’s Day in the USA, but in the Antipodes it is the first Sunday of September, which is now. So I phoned up my Dad. He’s in lockdown in Auckland. We have not been able to see each other for over a year. And he is keeping busy sorting out papers and handing projects on. He told Kea that when I was an infant that the Soviets were encouraging children to dob in their parents and this is now happening in NZ.

Soviets are going to break resistance whenever possible. They want us socailized. I want us free.

Homeschooling has greatly increased in the wake of the lockdowns imposed by pretend governments pretending to govern for the people who pretended to elect them. The argument by compliant citizens against the homeschooling of children goes something along the lines of, aren’t you afraid that your child won’t be socialised? The correct rejoinder is to declare that you don’t want your children to grow up into socialists.

Adam Piggott.

We have not had a functioning bathroom for about eight weeks and are washing as our ancestors did — out of a sink. My Dad reminded me that this is what our ancestors considered a luxury. The pioneers of Howick washed in the streams, but managed to remain fit, healthy, and had large families. It is only in my life that having kids has been shunned, and contraception considered essential.

I have a sneaking opinion that my Dad, a pre boomer, had more fun.

From Gab.

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4 months ago

Happy Fathers’ Day, my friend.

Thank you