Around the traps.

Are masks just a loyalty test

I forget to pack masks, and that means I can’t go into supermarkets. So I end up with a collection… a bit like shopping bags now that we are supposed to reuse them.

Cam Slater has multiple graphs of case rate over time with notes of when masks were required and when they are not required. Put simply, there is no correlation between infection and masks. He also notes that the police are now monitoring social media and blogs. I hope they read the lectionary posts, and consider the path they are going on.

Of course, the professions are gagged so debates cannot happen.

We are being told a whole bunch of outright lies. Just yesterday Jacinda Ardern stood on the ‘Podium of Truth’ and told everyone that masks break the chain of transmission. As you can see that is a lie.

No doubt the NZ Police will add this article and me to their regular intelligence briefing as further evidence of “disinformation” that their secret social media monitoring has reported. Yes, they really do have such a team and yes, they are monitoring me and this site.

They are brainwashing you into complying. They are telling you that if you all get vaccinated, and if you all wear masks and if you all do as you’re told then eventually, some time in the future you will get your freedoms back.

We never should have had our freedoms taken away. But taken away they have been and the majority of voters are just fine with that.

But your freedoms have been taken away based on lies. The evidence from around the world is clear. Lockdowns don’t work, mask mandates don’t work and vaccines definitely don’t work.

If you think vaccines will make you free, then just look at Israel, back with mask mandates and lockdowns.

No more be kind

The government is doubling down. Fines up, and gotcha narks encouraged. You can’t eat food while wearing a mask, but woe betide you if you don’t have one on you. The Karens will dob you in.

Ardern today outlined heavier fines for those who breach Covid-19 rules.

She said much of New Zealand’s success against Covid has been the good compliance by most people.

She said a small number of people had been breaking the rules, including people who escaped from MIQ facilities.

However, once people started getting fined for doing this, it reduced the number of people who tried to break out of MIQ facilities, she said.

Current fines for Covid infringements will move from $300 to $4000 for individuals.

If a court imposes the fines on individuals, the fines will move from $1000 to $12,000.

Ardern said the sheer magnitude of what happens when someone with Covid breaks the rules meant it was important to increase the fines to reflect this.

Ardern said the public would support fines that reflected the seriousness of Covid rule breakers.

When asked about Judith Collins breaching Covid rules in an ice-cream shop, she said it was up to every New Zealander to accept responsibility for their own actions, especially those in public positions.

The doofus coward who is the PM forgets that there have been zero cases of COVID in Queenstown for over 300 days. We know that because there have been zero cases in the South Island for the same length of time. This is kabuki theature. We are told to be kind — to the PM. But it does not flow the other way.

Her latest brain fade is to tell any person over 65 to stay home. In Auckland. I suggest they do not. Fresh air and exercise.

Ardern said everyone aged 65 or over in Auckland should not leave home until vaccinated in level 3.

“The vast majority of over 65 have been vaccinated, but for the smaller group, we really do want to encourage you to take that next step,” Ardern said.

“Level 3 poses a slightly higher degree of risk. And that is why I’m singling out my level 3 advice for anyone over 65 in Auckland. If you have not yet been vaccinated. Please stay at home until you have been.”

She said this was not any kind of abandonment of the goal of eliminating Covid-19, and level 3 was still restrictive enough to maintain a “stamp-it-out” approach.

“Three is a continuation of stamping out, not a cutting loose of those restrictions,” Ardern said.

This has not down well with young retirees who want to get our and ride, and consider that getting the vaccine is their business. And that the government is lying.

Kunstler may be referring to Biden, but Andrews and Ardern are not that much brighter.

The story has fallen apart. It looks an awful lot like the government is trying to harm people health-wise, while it destroys jobs and small business and ruins households financially, and that counter-story is spreading faster now than Covid-19. It’s fair to ask whether all that has destroyed the legitimacy of the people in charge — but that is only one of several issues converging to detonate the people’s faith in their own government.

If you go too hard, then you will find that the people ignore all instructions.