Hard Truths.

I know many single women. Most of them are miserable. It is that misery that makes them unwanted. Because most men look, and realize that nothing will make them happy, and they will make them misery. So they ghost. This is defeat.

Both Clemmons and Morse have a background in STEM fields, so they are able to understand incentives and tradeoffs. They understand that society has to rollback the changes to education, divorce laws, etc. if they expect men to be interested in marriage again. They understand that men are not just accessories of women, but instead have their own desires, feelings and reasons for marrying.

On the other end of the spectrum are feminist men, who are not able to understand the changing incentives that face men in a world that has evolved under the influence of radical feminism. It is just simpler (less thinking) for these men to accept the radical feminism as a given, and then urge men to “man up”. I think a much better idea would be for the “man up” crowd to realize how marriage has changed, and how the schools and the workplace have changed, then make all of these things more attractive to men. It doesn’t do any good to try to “dare” men into jumping off a cliff. Men aren’t stupid, and they do what is in their own best interests. If the man-up crowd wants younger men to marry, then they need to change the incentives offered to men. And that means changing women first.

As readers here have worked out, I’m married. To Kea. We stay anonymous because I live in a woke city in a woke nation. But we waited, imperfectly, impatiently. Because love between man and woman is the only way to break this war, and that requires that you love one, and one alone.

And that is to bring God to the party: for neither man nor woman can not lie, nor change our minds.

Once upon a time, there was a custom for drawing the lines in this area of life. Often marked by a special ceremony, it involved promises—promises so solemn they were made before God and witnesses. When kept, they assured the woman of a father for her children, and gave the man a companion and progeny to work for and invest in. The result created the best guard against exploitation, both for them and for their offspring. They could cooperate rather than compete, exalt rather than exploit. For battle-weary men and women, there’s no better time than the present to consult the wisdom of the past.

To build a parallel society we need to build marriages. Not friends with benefits, for the length of the desire, but that which burns long. Into old age, beyond grandparenthood.

I know many single women. They are credentialed. They have jobs. But they have no child. They have no husband. They have, often, burned the bridges that remain with their family.

Pity them. But do not be them.

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4 months ago

I’ve had people claim I fear gays, feminists, etc.
I have no reason to fear them… I have many reasons to pity them.

4 months ago

There are so many bitter women around and so many feckless men. It is sad to see how the devil has destroyed so many lives. The family is the building block for a healthy society.

4 months ago

I love that picture. Keep using it.