Its good to be nomenklatura.

James Shaw is the leader of the Green Party. They protested parliament meeting in person, to the point of avoiding parliament. For one day. Then they were back in the scrum.

noun, plural no·men·kla·tu·ras. a select list or class of people from which appointees for top-level government positions are drawn, especially from a Communist Party.

For a government obsessed with optics, it beggars’ belief that more thought wasn’t given to James Shaw’s decision to travel all the way to Scotland for a climate change conference in 8 weeks’ time.

I mean, let’s get past the glaring carbon footprint of all that travel and look at the other hypocritical aspects of this.

This is a party who objected so strongly to Parliament being resumed in person that they refused to attend; such was their horror that travel should take place during Delta. That same sentiment seems to have conveniently been overlooked in this case.

Add to this, the fact that he will take up an MIQ spot which has magically appeared for him at the end of it all.

So that’s a spot he’s taking that could have gone to someone else. There are people in virtual queues for months on end with a variety of excellent reasons as to why they should get an MIQ spot, yet James Shaw just magically jumps the queue and gets one.

Optics? Not good.

Kate Hawkesby, NewTalk ZB

It got worse. Dr Wiles, who has lectured many and all on wearing masks in public and not travelling, and is one of the reasons why we are commanded to wear masks in the South Island which has had no COVID cases reported for over 300 days, Met up with a friend who decided to have a swim.

From The BFD

Covid-19 expert Dr Siouxsie Wiles has been labelled a hypocrite for going to the beach with a friend, without masks on, during Level Four lockdown.  A video is doing the rounds on the internet showing Dr Siouxsie and her friend sitting together at Judges Bay in Auckland before her friend then goes for a swim.

She is with me now. Siouxsie, hello.


Kia Ora. How are you, Heather?


Yeah, I’m okay thank you, did you break the rules?


Aah… It sounds like we…it sounds like she might have done by going for a swim. Um…not me though. So…aah…yeah…aah…(laughs). It’s a funny thing, umm I was…I was contacted by the journalist to say “Hey, we have this…” journalist…um Cam Slater saying ”We have footage of you” and I was like oh, okay and he said ”You were with a journalist” and I said no, it’s my friend…one of my mates…she’s not a journalist, and I… I just sort of thought nothing more of it. And then he basically posted this video saying “I’ve got a video of Siouxsie Wiles and she’s been with a journalist on the beach…unmasked.”

Heather du Plessis Allan, Newstalk ZB transcirption at the BFD.

This has led to the left dogs of war deciding that Wiles was OK to do this and it is Slater’s fault for producing the video.

Grown adults and our leaders are dealing with a really tricky pandemic and trying to keep Aotearoa covid free.  Collins and Slater have been shown to have nothing to contribute apart from toddler like behaviour demanding that they be noticed.

Collins leadership has shed any moral right to the office.  The only question is when she will be removed.

As for Dr Siouxsie Wiles can I thank her for the outstanding work she has done in protecting us.  It is so heartening when I go out for exercise how everyone knows what the rules are and are sticking to them.  Her education of the public at large has been an outstanding contribution and its success shown by the hope that unlike other advanced nations throughout the world Aotearoa may be able to beat back the current Delta infection.

Micky Savage, The Stnadard.

I don’t think Wiles has considered that continuing restrictions when the risk is low — extremely low where I live — is going to fly. Masks depersonalize. I approve of her taking the mask off. I approve of her friend having a swim. But you cannot do that and not allow others to do the same.

For a start, it is not hateful when you have a genuine story that features the hypocritical actions of a woman who courts publicity. She stated many times with the latest lockdown that we shouldn’t be meeting with friends for a chat or indeed anything else. We were told by her to lock away ourselves at home. While she was saying that she most certainly wasn’t doing it.

She invented new lockdown rules regarding bubbles, who and where you can have them, and the media just accepted, unquestioningly, the flannel. She stood and watched while her new found bubble friend, Dr. Nicola Gaston broke level four rules and went for a swim, and then used her close friendship with Dr. Ashley Bloomfield to get him, without even seeing the video to declare that it wasn’t really swimming. (Never mind that hundreds of others have been given infringement notices and fines for doing far less).

Cam Slater, the BFD

And the Plods have no sense of humour, unless you are one of the elite.

Police are urging the public to stay the course and resist the temptation to breach Alert Level restrictions in the warmer weather. 

In Auckland at the weekend, there were some instances where Police found people were in groups at places like playgrounds and skateparks.

Police urge people to stick to their bubbles and maintain physical distancing from others outside their bubble when out exercising.

If you are leaving your home to exercise, please ensure it is in your local area. For those who are moving about for essential purposes, remember to wear a face covering and to scan or sign in.

Playgrounds and other such facilities are closed at higher alert levels for everyone’s safety.

NZ Police press release 6 September 2021.

Things are turning. Hypocrisy to the rules indicates that the rules are not there for safety’s sake, but as an exercise of power. The reality of the situation is shown in the actions of the elite.

But we are not of the elite. We can expect the full force of the law. Act accordingly. Stay away from crowds. Be in private places. And do not let the elite rule your thoughts: they have enough micromanagement of your actions.