I received this email this morning. This is the second such email I have had from people who have positions which should come with moral authority.

Kia ora,

We all know the COVID-19 vaccination programme is of utmost importance. It barely needs stating that it is one of our country’s best defences against the disease.

Many of you are in the front line of the vaccination programme. To you, my utmost thanks and respect.

Although not all of us are administering the vaccine, we are all involved – by sharing with our friends, families, and patients not only how important the vaccine is, but how safe it is. We do this because we care, and we want them to be protected.

It is essential that we extend that protection to everyone, the length and breadth of the country.

We have all seen how easy it is for dissenting voices – a tiny minority – to get a platform on news and social media that is disproportionate to their number.

Now it is more important than ever that we counter that by joining together to vouch for the vaccine and show strength in numbers, credibility and authority.

For that reason, I’m encouraging you all to sign this open letter

It is from doctors who support the vaccination programme, and the more of us who sign it, the more reassurance and encouragement we give to the vaccine hesitant or resistant.

Please, take a moment to sign. This letter will be circulated through media to reach communities and people we need to reassure. We have a long way to go in our vaccination programme, and this will make a difference.

Thank you for your support, and as always stay well.

The woke are already using twitter to dob in any medico who says anything about the vaccination process which is not completely concordant with the official information that it is safe and should be given to everyone. The Medical council has told doctors they cannot make any comments against the vaccination process.

This is going to get interesting. We have had one death from the vaccine in NZ during the current COVID outbreak, and one death from COVID. The pressure to comply is mounting.

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1 month ago

Ugh, I’m thankful I haven’t had anything like that come up yet…

As far as I can tell, it is NOT a “small” minority that is opposed… It might even be a majority!