The boiling frog memes and quotes.

The theme for this collection — which is going to be not daily, life is getting busy down here — is the meme below. We are being shaped into being serfs, in a neofeudal system. Our elite know that the current system is non sustainable, so they are trying to get us to reset with a more collectivized system.

The cognitive dissonance required is considerable to live in the main centres. You need some income to survive in the city, and you need food delivered and available. This is becoming more of an issue with one city in complete lockdown (Auckland) people cannot get things sitting on the wharf or warehouse because they are shut up at level 4.

Better to have enough land to grow things. And have some practical skills.

Talking to the Canadian branch of the family, Trudeau is not doing that well this campaign. This beauty was on Gab.

Jacinda says to Justin; “Hold by chardonnay”.

From Gab.

Now to NZ, where the refugee who was afraid to visit his homeland… returned there, and could have been radicalised there. From Cactus Kate.

Coming to New Zealand as a student on some worthless education course, quitting as soon as you get there then applying for refugee status because it is too dangerous to return home.  Only to then …..go home!

Then still be in the country some five years later, malingering despite breaking every rule of law under the sun and a bit of jail time in between.

Did ANY ADULT read the actual file on this guy?  The media seem to know more about him than New Zealand authorities and politicians.

What did he do for income? Who was funding his lifestyle?

If only he was the only one who has taken the proverbial out of New Zealand.

This symbol of the loony left and Palmie Kebab King, after wasting millions in hospitality from the New Zealand legal system has now moved back to Algeria.

Zaoui now lives in Medea, Algeria’s second-largest city, and hopes to start a business importing New Zealand mānuka honey. He has recently recovered from Covid-19.

Laughing. Laughing at the silly kind western legal, immigration and justice systems that allow such taking of the proverbial.
The poor victims of this ineptitude will not even be able to sue the Crown, they will have to settle for their ACC pittance as did those injured in the Christchurch mosque attacks.
It will take much more than law changes to fix this.  
It will take a huge mindset shift into the judiciary and public service to actual display some balls in the equation to chuck immigrants and refugees out as soon as they break the rules rather than let them sit taking the proverbial for five years.
As an expat for decades I know my work permit and residency is subject to immediate revocation and myself deportation for misbehaviour.  Often as little as speaking out against the CCP hence one has never expressed the full opinion on such matters pertaining that could cause such inconvenience. 
Why is my homeland New Zealand so damn weak in reverse?

Asian Invasion 2019
Via Gab.

There is a consensus here. That the judiciary and parliament were aware of this and did nothing. The Prime Minister is enjoying something no other PM since we moved to proportional representation has: an absolute majority in the house. She has to own this. She knew about this.

The Prime Minister was very quick to jump at the publicity opportunity that followed in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack by a foreign terrorist. She was also very quick and aided by the liberal media to blame so-called white supremacists for the terror attack. She has continued those lines of attacks to this day, as have the media. On top of that her rapid demonisation of innocent firearms owners casts a shameful shadow over her premiership.

Unlike with the Christchurch atrocity, she has gone out of her way to not blame the Muslim community, or indeed their ideology despite the clear links: in fact, links far clearer than the tenuous claims that there were white supremacists lurking in our society just waiting to commit heinous crimes, despite the fact that Brenton Tarrantwas actually an Australian.

I have no doubt in my mind that when Jacinda Ardern was informed of the supermarket terror attack and who was involved that the colour would have drained from her already sallow complexion.

She knew that she wouldn’t be able to sweep this under the table as a mad nutter, although she is heroically trying to by calling him a lone wolf. She knew this wouldn’t fly because she was briefed as recently as 9 August 2021 about the specifics of this particular Islamic terrorist. She also knew that if she had been briefed by the intelligence agencies then the leader of the opposition would also have been briefed. So she couldn’t hide from that. That is why she called it a terrorist attack from the get-go. She had to and she knew that no amount of spin could hide that fact.

But she has also admitted to at least five briefings including to cabinet about this individual Islamic terrorist. In fact, she claims that this Islamic terrorist was known to her.

In the wake of the Christchurch terror attack, Jacinda Ardern personally said that our authorities should stop spending so much time surveilling Islamic terrorism because it was white supremacists who were the real problem.  She directed the intelligence agencies to change their settings and focus on white supremacists.

Her flunkies in the media have also done the same, most notably Patrick Gower who is now beclowned as a result. While he was assiduously pursuing white supremacists he missed the Islamic terrorist lurking right under his nose.

I repeat, Jacinda Ardern essentially made sure that surveillance of this Islamic terrorist and others, reportedly more than 50 of them, was reduced.

Then there are her contortions over the naming of terrorists. She said in the wake of Christchurch that we won’t name terrorists so they don’t become martyrs. How strange then that the Prime Minister rapidly moved to make sure that this Islamic terrorist’s name suppression is lifted so that she and the media can then name him. 

The Prime Minister has already suggested it is “speculative” to suggest her pedestrian law changes in regards to terrorism suppression would have made any difference. Indeed, that stands in stark contrast to her rapid demonisation of law-abiding firearms owners and rushed legislation rammed through parliament with scant public scrutiny, to change our firearms laws. Ironically those changes were to close a loophole that she herself created the year prior to the Christchurch massacre that made it easier for Brenton Tarrant to obtain his firearms.

But, strangely, she can’t seem to pass laws like the Australians famously have to deport those of their criminal underclass who also happen to not be Australian citizens. Such a change makes much more sense than her illogical firearms law changes. How many foreign criminals could we send home if such a law had already been implemented?

It would be supremely ironic if she now moves to implement such a law given her propensity to cast shade on the Australians for similar laws.

Cam Slater, the BFD.

One final point: Kiwis are now mistrustful of the very man who said that we should only pay attention to the official announcements, now speaking from what is sarcastically dubbed “the podium of truth”.

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1 month ago

I think you meant “hold MY Chardonnay”, not by.
And yes, further and further the self anointed leaders beclown themselves by displaying breathtaking incompetence and ignorance…