This is how to push yourself through traps.

A few days ago a local Blogger noted that the Paralympics are on. The athletes involved are damaged in some way. They have a lot less sponsorship. Most are truly amateur. They are inspiring.

In contrast to the zillionaire sob stories we have endured as sports and cultural fans lately it is refreshing to read about people showing up who have real problems in life not just ones of their own making in their head

Cactus Kate.

Next time I don’t want to train I’ll consider Pascoe. She’s pushed herself beyond what her body can do, and met pukey the clown.

Pukey the clown. Been there. Never going back again.

Pascoe vomited, blacked out and needed oxygen after winning the SM9 200m individual medley for the fourth time at a Paralympic Games.

She led the race from start to finish but had to fight in the final leg as she was chased down by Hungary’s Zsofia Konkoly, with Pascoe edging the silver medallist by just two tenths of a second.

Pascoe finished in a time of 2:32.73 just ahead of Konkoly and Spain’s Nuria Marques Soto.

Pascoe’s latest gold is her 19th Paralympic medal in total and fourth of these Games.

Radio NZ.

Pascoe deserves our respect. She has left her all on the playing field, met her goals, and has more to achieve. This level of effort — as she said she had to just swim and not breathe for the last few meters — is noble. And not a word about her mental difficulties.

Saying it is is different to doing it.

In other news, people are thinking that calling things this makes them true. It is not the words you use. It is the actions. There are many people lauded as Olympians who did not compete to the poitn of puking and fainting Pascoe did. is bad enough when it passes for philosophy, it’s downright ludicrous as political ideology and government policy. But it’s worth questioning from whence it comes, as it ultimately derives from the “as above, so below” occultism of the pharisatanics who presently dominate the imperial capital. This belief in word spells not only describing, but defining and dictating reality is not magical thinking, it is the sort of magickal thinking utilized by those who worship the god of this world.

Vox Day

This takes many forms. This tweet has gone viral: the foolish woman is implying that the blood libel of Jewry was true, and that her version of liberal hypocrisy is the religion of the tribe. It is not: the orthodox would look at this with horror, and the Messianic Jews would see this as evil.

From Vox Popoli. And Gab.

The current idea is that we have our freedoms restricted for our protection, and that the usual choices we have to take risks, to make mistakes, and to ignore advice does not apply because pandemic. This is the inverse of usual public health rules: you quarantine the plague ship and leave the populace alone. Now we are quarantining the populace and saying the plague ship must not be discriminated against. And there is no way to argue against this false set of rights based on offense but noncompliance. preferably peacably.

In these modern times where dueling is outlawed and it is no longer permitted to wander down to the local parliament and string up a certain number of particularly egregious offenders as an example and warning to others, the only recourse left to us is the use of words. This is also the case on the other side, at least to a certain extent. What I am saying is that words are powerful. Words are our weapons in the fight against the forces arrayed against us, at least at this stage.

That said, it is helpful to be able to understand how words are used against us by them. The other side uses lies. You can call them untruths, or misdirections, or even propaganda; but what they are is lies. You need to be able to spot the lies and to see through their bullshit. Only then will you be able to function in a coherent manner and thus be a real threat to those who seek power over us.

Adam Piggott.

Nominalism, Sophism, and a lie. The disease is not that common.

It’s not OK to be white.

Without comment. The elite have discounted the ancients, the puritans, the Cavaliers, and all of Christendom.

Diversity plus proxmity equals war, and that is what the elite are engineering. It is as if they are following the learned elders of Wye, and moving their own families to homogenour societies where the feel safer. However, the Han and the Brahmin both do not want them.

From Gab,

Beyond Hate.

This is Chris Trotter and I’m shortening it. Patrick Gower missed the point. The victim got it. If you beleive your cause is righteous, you can do the most appalling things.

PADDY GOWER received the answer he was seeking from Christchurch mosque attack victim Wasseim Alsati. “It’s okay to hate, it’s okay to love. This is beyond hate.” Sadly, Gower failed to grasp the meaning of “beyond hate”. It does not mean “extreme hate”, or even “insane hate”. Beyond hate lies the territory of dispassionate political and/or military calculation. A state of being in which a person is able to commit the most appalling crimes because they are intellectually convinced their actions are both justified and necessary.

At the heart of the monstrousness of the crimes of Tarrant and Emwazi was their determination to let the world see what they were doing. Both men exploited ruthlessly the extraordinary reach and power of the Internet. Conveying to their comrades, via social media, the furious purity of their belief. And, to their enemies, terrifying images of unbearable and unforgettable horror.

Only very rarely are the actions of state-sanctioned killers broadcast to the world. Only very rarely do we get to see the President of the United States and his key advisers watching in rapt attention as the execution of their most wanted enemy is beamed into the White House Situation Room, in real-time. If Gower wants to know what the world “beyond hate” looks like, then he has only to look at that famous photo of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton taking-in the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Chris Trotter, the Daily Blog.

What is happening in Afghanistan right now is beyond hate. People are committing atrocities because they want a Caliphate, and disposing of the inconvenient population is a quick way of doing it, with the bonus of terror. The consequences are happening there now. Peter Grant has lived through this in South Africa, and he reports via his contacts

A number of former US Special Forces operators, who were active in training and setting up Afghan equivalents, learned some weeks ago that their former proteges were now being actively targeted by the Taliban, and murdered rather than being allowed to surrender.  It soon became obvious that no official provision was being made to get these forces – the most active against the Taliban, and the best-trained and -equipped in Afghanistan – out of harm’s way.  Therefore, individual and collective decisions were made to do so unofficially.

Funding was available through various sources, both externally from sympathizers and internally from US-supplied funds that were being left behind (some said deliberately) to be seized by the Taliban.  It doesn’t matter where dollars come from as long as they’re in cash, and gold is a universal language.  Such funds were “liberated” from the Taliban “liberators”, either before they arrived, or after they’d already seized them.  No need to go into detail – use your imagination.  Weapons, vehicles and other necessities were also “liberated” in a similar way, or were taken by the Afghan SF troops as they “voted with their feet” and left their bases rather than wait to be killed.  They took their families with them.

Bayou Renaissance Man

Meanwhile, we are told that Kiwi expatriates cannot come back to NZ. They are stranded: their Kiwi passports are now useless, as they cannot return to the one nation they belong to. The Minister for COVID is telling Kiwis they can’t return for the summer. This is going down really well among the expats, most of whom have been managing to survive in places where COVID is accepted and the world is opening up

New Zealanders did this LAST Christmas.  They stayed overseas or did not travel overseas, while the team of 5 million were sorted in the “Year of The Vaccine” 2021.  This should all be over by now.

Labour have had yet another year to

1. Sort out MIQ – two breaches and lockdowns, the latest caused by the incompetence of allowing returning New Zealand vacationers when Ardern warned everyone travelling in the trans tasman bubble they had to prepare to be stuck in Australia.  She did not leave them there.  In doing so she has further buggered up the many more New Zealanders who want to come home right now for whatever reason, who cannot.

2. Set a date for opening the country up to returning New Zealanders so people overseas can plan their lives and if it is going to actually be for us all early next year at a set date, then yes it would be reasonable to ask people to wait til then.

3. Get everyone vaccinated (most of us overseas have been by the country currently hosting us so have received a better service that New Zealand resident citizens).

They have delivered stuff all of any of these KPI’s.

If any New Zealander overseas has an MIQ voucher, you cannot transfer it to anyone else, you cannot sell it to someone who wants it more to defray the expenses of staying overseas.

Why on earth would you hand it back?  Labour are happy to pay New Zealanders in endless lockdowns to do nothing.  When will it pay New Zealanders overseas to be happy staying there to pay for their costs?

The social contract on delaying returning home relies on trusting the Labour government to hurry up as Australia is doing, stop talking about opening the country and soldier on to actually bloody do it in early 2022. As in January ot February. 

Jacinda Ardern and her non-experts do not seem in a hurry to do anything but keep New Zealanders scared enough of Covid to be happy about being locked down even longer.

Cactus Kate.

This cold discounting of a large number of New Zealnders — we are the largest minority in Australia, for instance — is cold blooded, dispassionate and uncaring. It may not be specatular, but, akin to the abandonment of Kiwis in Afghanistan to ethnic cleansing, it is also beyond hate.

The woke here cannot hold themselves apart from such.

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4 months ago

Culture > color… I think those conservative religious refugees are likely to be happier in flyover country where their neighbors make different food, wear different clothes, but have similar ideas of what a good life looks like, how good children behave, etc. The folks insisting on this apparently don’t look carefully into immigrant voting patterns. -cough- And the good people of Idaho are probably going to be happier to see them than yet another California refugee with dubious motives. (Idaho is very, very white. Or how about Utah? Utah is hot and dry and … very, very white, and very, very conservative).

4 months ago

Also, I’ve said it elsewhere, but how and why is it our responsibility to take in any Afghans at all? Are they going to form a government in exile and continue the fight or just abandon their country and become some sort of American? If the former, perhaps somewhere closer would be more effective. If the latter, can we expect them to have more commitment to the cause of a free America than they had to the cause of a free Afghanistan?

4 months ago

The Jewish religion requires that women get abortions. Weird how I never heard that growing up in the Christian church and actually living in Israel as a child. I’m sure that will cause lots of people to considering converting to Judaism.

hurry up as Australia is doing, stop talking about opening the country and soldier on to actually bloody do it in early 2022″

In what clown world is locking your country down for two years because of a bad flu virus considered “hurrying up”?

William James Tychonievich
4 months ago

She later updated that to clarify that banning abortion violated the rights of “Jewish people of all genders.”