A couple of things are happening right now, and one of them is that the budget is likely to get really tight. The privacy hounds will be happy, because I’ve unsubscribed from Statcounter and disconnected it. This saves me some money each month, as does moving from cleantalk.

Antispam Bee so far is doing a good job of keeping the trash out, and that is not a subscription service. This blog continues to be hosted elsewhere, and that does cost a reasonable amount.

I hate macs now

One of the good things going forward is that I won’t have to deal with Microsoft on a Mac. Last week I managed to lose all the formatting in documents that I needed to send to editors: it took an upgrade from Microsoft to fix this. Ditto email. The problem is that almost every corporate uses office 365 for teamwork, and if you are not on a PC it. does. not. work.

And don’t start me on how powerpoint munges formatting. I’d rather use libreoffice.

I’ve always disliked windows and mistrusted it after losing my first thesis on a word 97/windows 95 machine: the first machine that I bought. Macs, then, were far better, and Linux less so. I now consider arch based distros to be far more robust. I’ve managed to get endeavour OS working on the old laptop — for life support, I have to use LTS kernels as the modern kernels do not recognize the wifi.

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Philip Melanchthon
Philip Melanchthon
1 month ago

Another option — get a USB WiFi — but first verify it is supported by Linux.

Thanks for holding up the light in this present darkness. I check in every few days.