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This afternoon North Waikato — from Cambridge North, which includes the main city, and Cambridge, where the NZ rowing teams train, is at level 3 lockdown — level four with KFC — because there has been TWO cases of COVID in the region. The rhetoric of fear continues and is being doubled down on, as NZ sticks to its vaccine only method of “elimination”. Alternatives are forbidden.

Questions of the official narrative refuted.

We are doubling down on lockdowns. The trouble is that this requires the agreement of an increasingly tired, fearful and fractious population in the North. In the South? We can’t get through the borders to our family. Due travel restrictions. Time to be free. Time to leave.

In my email yesterday, from the MP for my parent’s part of Auckland, part of the Loyal Opposition:

Labour’s Three Waters plans are nothing short of a brazen asset grab. On top of that, the touted scale benefits are unrealistic, and communities with good water services will end up subsidising their poorer-performing neighbours.

Nanaia Mahuta has completely ignored local Councils pleas and has now ruled out halting the reforms. It’s clear that Labour will do whatever it takes to forge ahead with their plans.

National wholly supports smart solutions to tackle our long-term infrastructure challenges, but Labour’s plan is anything but a smart solution – it is a total takeover of community assets, and it must be abandoned.

National will keep local assets in local control, and we will protect community decision-making. We can’t afford to lose the ‘local’ from local government.

True. The three waters proposal has two petitions against it. It is an inter-generational theft of infrastructure to a new state run, socialist system with the approval of the tribal elite. It is theft, plain and simple. Most councils in NZ and most people are against it. But the Maori caucus in the Labour party is for it, and they will try to force it through parliament. They forget the iron law of Utu (recompense) cuts both ways. Moving onto reports about the protests yesterday, they made zero hedge. Bishop Brian Tamaki of the Destiny Church gave a bit of a barnburner of a speech, but you need to go overseas to find it.

In his speech, Tamaki compared the lockdown in Auckland, which is nearing its 50-day milestone, to being on “house arrest”, while lamenting the dynamic of not being able to trust one’s own neighbors not to snitch on them.

“Now Auckland’s coming up to 50 days – 50 days we’ve been on home detention. That’s the same thing they give to prisoners who’ve done a crime; it’s an alternative to going to jail,” he said. “I’ve been locked up for over 50 days in my house, and I haven’t done a crime. I’ve done nothing wrong, and I’ve been punished. We are penalized.”

“I can’t go outside because the neighbor might tell on me. I can’t drive down the road to get some milk and bread because the policeman might pull me over.”

The police presence at Saturday’s demonstration was somewhat subdued, with no arrests or clashes reported. Still, National Party MP Simeon Brown, the party’s police spokesman, denounced the protest, while also taking a shot at law enforcement.

“The rules are clear. The police have rightly warned protesters in Auckland today – yet we see a blind eye turned to gangs breaking lockdown rules. Aucklanders want out of this lockdown – and it means rules being applied consistency [sic],” he said in a tweet, presumably referring to the biker procession as a ‘gang’.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared a “short and sharp” national lockdown in mid-August after a single COVID case was detected in Auckland, the country’s largest metropolis. The measures have dragged on in Auckland, even as much of New Zealand has returned to normal. While the Australians next door are starting to move on from the “ZERO COVID” approach, New Zealand is still insisting on what scientists have described as an impossible standard. That should be a concern for all Aucklanders, since all this sacrifice ultimately likely won’t make much of a difference.

The pushback is making the conservative papers. From the Australian Spectator. Kiwis are doing what Kiwis do. Being non compliant. And voting with their feet.

It is increasingly sad, so many New Zealanders saying they would leave – if they could – because this is not the country they loved and grew up in. To people from all walks of life the damage being done is fundamentally shocking, and even Commonwealth immigrants, who came to what was thought of as a happy, well-integrated country, are intent on leaving.

So what is happening? Basically, presiding over an increasingly aggressive Maori supremacy move (far from supported by most part-Maori) is a small group of extremists with strong academic backing, apparently obsessed by feeling special – because of part of their racial inheritance. However, people as a whole have a healthy disregard for what is viewed as the form of snobbery exhibited by individuals regarding themselves as superior because of part of their ancestry – when in reality every individual is unique, and therefore special – no matter from what ethnic background.

The move to divide this country along racist lines is actively promoted by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who shows no inclination to consult the country in her attack on our democratic traditions. However, as Hugh Perrett from our Hall of Fame states in a letter to her, ‘Many, many of us are heartily sick and extremely annoyed at your government’s ongoing campaign to bring about a change in our country’s name from New Zealand to Aotearoa’. He points out that government departments and major media have obviously been instructed to continually push this move ‘although we… have spent billions of dollars over many years promoting our name, New Zealand, and giving it identity and meaning internationally’.

Nikolai notes that this is a classic class war. And that Labour, in NZ and Australia, as as much a party of the bourgeoisie as the Libertarians and old school Tories. Note well this: Tamaki’s church serves the poorest and brownest people in NZ.

A bit of background: since the government closed the tech schools in the 1990s because all kids should aim for university, skilled tradesmen (‘tradies’) have been in short supply. They now often make more money than university-educated office workers, which the latter resent because (a) they paid for their degree and (b) they begrudge paying lowly plumbers a small fortune to come out at night to fix a blocked toilet. Social class in Australia does not neatly correlate with income.

This feeds into the support for police aggression we see here.

Many replies to tweets back this up, calling the protesters ‘uneducated’, ‘losers’ and that sort of thing. I saved a bunch but now I can’t find them.

Comment threads are split almost perfectly: champagne socialist Age readers are fuming at those unwashed, dunderheaded rioters while there is such broad support for them at Murdoch’s tabloid that the editors often turn off comments for protest-related stories.

It hurts to say it, but anti-mandate and anti-lockdown comments tend to be poorly written. They lack mastery of grammar and punctuation. Anti-protester comments are written in the smarmy, polished prose of the middle class (much like tyou are reading now).

I’ve previously noted that lockdowns etc. have benefited the already privileged and screwed everyone else.

Despite enhanced welfare benefits, this bifurcation of fortunes has now calcified into class warfare we haven’t seen since perhaps the 1970s.

This time around, the sides are different. The left-wing, chattering classes who read The Age and work on laptops in inner-city apartments largely support lockdowns, vaccine mandates and rubber bullets for protesters. So do the unions, the ruling Labor Party and other branches of the elite.

Blue collar workers are in the odd position of being supported only by a rag-tag collection of New Age hippies, libertarians, certain hot-headed ethnic communities and the hard right.

Mass strikes would be far more effective than protests because Toorak wankers love seeing electricians and tilers getting tear-gassed but will cave in if they cannot get their pools fixed. Interests matter. So long as assorted restrictions benefit the elite, nothing will change. That is the dynamic that must be interrupted if the tyranny of the majority is to be broken.

A boycott of trade jobs on all homes, infrastructure and government facilities from the CBD out to Dandenong Creek would probably work. These are the well-to-do, L suburbs where hostile Age-readers reside. The workers mostly live further out or to the north and west.

But how organize it, with the unions now openly in league with the elites? I’ve already mentioned unofficial associations springing up and the media can no longer ignore it.

The mass professions of teachers, nurses and police fancy themselves working class but tend to side with the elite in most battles. That is still the case. However, a minority are now joining the unofficial unions and are starting to resist. This is likely to accelerate now that vaccine mandates have been massively extended – that story tomorrow.

Can confirm. One son is a gib (drywall for the Yanks) stopper. He’s making more than the other two who have degrees.

Anyway, a collection of memes to motivate.


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