Transhumanism is Orcish.

The debasement continues. Transhumanism is subhumanism, and as the Orcs were debased Elves, so will the transhumanists be debased Chekists. Their humanity will be beaten out of them, so they will be the guards of the new, mandated gulag.

Exactly, it’s a far more useful heuristic than it has any right to be. Once you figure out who the enemies of God and the good are, doing what they hate puts you on a path that leads pretty directly to Jesus Christ, to having a family, even to living a physically strong and healthy life.

The worst in my view are the lukewarm church people and leaders. They have led more people astray who were on the edge of Christianity, by promoting things like church yoga or “sanitized” mainstream culture, than they have saved. It’s not church culture that saves you, but Jesus Christ. Isaiah says that God should be our Fear, not being unaccepted by the world and culture.

Above all, do not look to the future. Do not look to God. Encourage your children to develop addictions. In case they seek righteousness, and no longer are good members of the progressive plan. For goodness sakes, you could be treated as fascist or Kulaks!

If you are not on “the right side of History,” or if you perhaps deny there is any such thing as “History,” these strong words will sooner or later be used of you. This is because the fanatics who will use these strong words believe that History is bearing us, like a mighty Mississippi, to the workers’ paradise that the early communists saw through a glass darkly, and that we would even now be seeing face to face, if it were it not for fascist beasts like you.

Make no mistake, these are strong words that can hurt you more than sticks and stones and broken bones. But if you are not in fact a communist, it is futile to protest that they do not apply to you.

What you must understand is that fascist is a term of art in Marxist theory, and that it describes your relation to the Marxist program of world revolution, and not your relation to the policies of certain infamous political parties that flourished, very briefly, nearly a century ago.

In Marxist theory, bourgeois capitalism must perish in a “crisis” that it cannot solve with bourgeois institutions like free markets, parliamentary government, and the nation state. The historical purpose of this crisis is to initiate a world revolution that will sweep these and other outdated institutions into the dustbin of history, and that will replace them with modern, by which is meant communist, institutions. Archaic relics like private property, the church, and the family will also go into the dustbin in this revolution of global housecleaning. It is by this world revolution that History will solve the crisis and bear humanity, like a mighty Mississippi, to the worker’s paradise of tomorrow.

To explain why this glorious consummation has yet to happen, Marxist theory states that reactionary elements of the doomed bourgeoise have forestalled the Revolution, and their own liquidation, by turning a multitude of proletarian and petty-bourgeois dupes against History and the communist tomorrow. In the 1920s, Marxist theory began using the word fascist as the name for this reaction of bourgeois holdouts and their dupes. Marxist theory was in particular need of a name because it needed to explain why the Great Imperialist War of 1914-1918, and the Great Capitalist Depression of 1929-1939, had not ignited the world revolution and burned all bourgeois institutions to the ground.

The bastards decided after WWII and the Soviet empire clearly failed to subvert the institutions. If you subvert the institutions and make them orcish, you make the people orcish. All other groups will be damned: if not fascists, racists, anti semites or homophobes. All these words are as much terms of art to the Marxist Orc now.

The trouble is that a fair number of our secular and religious leaders are fully in line with the current agenda. In the process of writing this I have got an email which reads in part. I have redacted parts of the email out of OPSEC.

It is not written in English. It is written in Wellington Pidgin Maori. Tangata Whaiora is people with illness.

As you likely know, it is crucial that Aotearoa works to get our vaccination rate up. There is evidence we need to have about 90% of our population fully vaccinated to head off the Delta variant.
Over 6500 doctors and organisations – … – have signed an open letter to the people of Aotearoa outlining support for vaccination.
Vaccination for people living with mental health and addiction issues
As well as achieving a high overall vaccination rate, it is also important that groups who face greater risks with COVID-19 are not left behind.
Along with Equally Well, we successfully advocated for people living with mental health and addiction issues to be made a priority for the COVID-19 vaccination. This was important given the evidence that this group are at increased risk of being infected with COVID-19, and have higher rates of subsequent hospitalisation, morbidity and mortality.
Unfortunately, data from the Ministry of Health shows that this group has lower vaccination rates than the general population. As of 29 September 2021, 61% of all tāngata whaiora and 46% of tāngata whaiora Māori had had their first dose, compared with almost 80% of the total eligible population.

This is from Gunner Q, and written in pithy English. If I used this language in Wellington all the hipsters — they only survive of the civil service — would faint.

Maybe you should do something about that, Pastor Bob. Maybe, when Josef Mengele’s midget clone walks into the room, suspends due process and the rule of law, bans fun and oxygen, and then orders you to submit your body to medical experimentation if you ever want to eat food again, you should DO SOMETHING about that. Writing a letter to the fire department telling them to come to their senses, stop fellating Potato Joe and retain ten-year veteran Dennis in the name of Christ, would be a good start.

Let’s assume for a moment that Dennis happens to be wrong… that he’s overreacting. His willingness to accept hardship for the sake of what he believes Christ wants would STILL be worthy of eternal reward even if Christ didn’t actually require it. Very few men have the courage and integrity to accept hardships for the sake of conscience. A real priest, like Christ Himself, would recognize that greatness of spirit and encourage it instead of trying to snuff it out with an Eden-esque “are you suuuure?”

Dennis, you are awesome, man, and when this crisis is over, you’re going to like that man in the mirror.

When somebody sets himself up as a Christian authority despite, by his own admission, having a total inability to recognize evil, it would be kinder to “cash him out” than let him become an accessory before the fact to the devil’s work. Because in Christianity, there are worse things than even death.

Christianity is not a game. Clergy are not given their authority in order to talk about their feelings. My friends are losing their livelihoods because they will not allow our newly Fascist government to poison either themselves or their children, and Pastor Bob DOESN’T KNOW if it’s time yet for civil disobedience.

And he won’t take Dennis’ word for it, that the time is now.

Another meme to demonstrate how the time is evil.

While this was being put together, John Piper decided to discuss getting the vaccine. He argues that you should be free of the fear that the vaccine is not part of the spirit of the age, when the spirit of the age wants us to fear and wants us to take the mRNA vaccine. As if those who disagree with the vaccine have any power.

Your conscience is increasingly clear. It says, “Get vaccinated.” But there is this niggling fear of looking left wing, or progressive, or Democratic, or compromised, or woke!

So, my message to such folks is this: “The children are free!”

Each of us stands or falls before his own Master (Romans 14:4). “Live as people who are free.” Free from the fear of man. Fear of being labeled. Fear of being called a compromiser. Fear of being doubted as not really part of the courageous resisters — especially when you know that thousands of those resisters really are courageous, wise, and thoughtful.

But fear is not freedom. “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe” (Proverbs 29:25). The fear of man lays a freedom-snatching snare. Why? Because the fearing soul is already snared. Already caught. Already bound, enslaved.

I call you to something better. “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5:1). Not a government yoke, not an anti-government yoke. Not a left-wing yoke, not a right-wing yoke.

You are free to say with integrity, “My decision to be vaccinated is not a political decision. It is not right wing, or left wing. It is a biblically informed act of love.”

The sons are free. Tearfully, cheerfully free. Therefore, “live as people who are free.”

I’ve got considerable pressure in real life to get the vaccine and even the alternatives that are more conventional are not being offered because power. I could lose not only my job but my career over this. One should not align with evil because it is seen as freedom from the righteousness. This is an inversion of morality.

Coming from someone who used to be a reformed preacher.

The fact that he’s trying to invert the direction of the social pressure makes it very clear that this is a fundamentally evil man who has knowingly deceived his flock. There is no truth in him. He calls fear freedom and freedom fear. And consider his appalling statement at the end, which appears to be particularly wicked in light of the recent push by the Biden Fake Administration to vaccinate children who don’t have any possible need for the vaccines even if they worked, which they don’t.

In his inverted argument, you can see how wolves in sheep’s clothing like this man will be part of the Great Deception, and how they will not only embrace the Beast and his Mark, but will actively evangelize for them.

Please note: I am not calling the vaccine the mark of the Beast. But there is a spirit of evil, something that is evil and violent, behind the neomarxist pivot from requiring consent for all things to mandating a vaccine: something that has never been done before in NZ. The consensus is that this is good. But the consensus is, all to often wrong. Dissent is where the new ideas are, but dissent is suppressed. We are in a new Lysenkoism, populated by unreason.

The dazzling story of science wedded to power and progress is something absolutely fundamental to us moderns. It is a key pillar of not just the most dominant worldviews and ideologies, but rather a prerequisite of any acceptable consensus view of reality whatsoever. This is a situation with quite deep roots, and connects with how governance took form within the framework of early capitalism and the auxiliary ideologies thereto which developed under the auspices of Renaissance humanism and Enlightenment philosophy. Indeed, the very mechanistic reductionism that lies at the core of how our society thinks and speaks of reality itself is arguably a supportive ideology of a capitalism for whom abstract, calculable quantities, immediate utility and priceable commodities, are the central priorities.

Be that as it may, the symbolic authority of science as arbiter of truth and provider of goods, security and existential hope and fulfillment, is now the cornerstone of how we view ourselves and the world. This myth of a cohesive institution of objective knowledge that assures technological and societal progress and abundance, is really the central source of trust in our institutions, ideologies and our cultural narratives in general, having more or less entirely supplanted religious traditions in this sense.

This is one of the reasons why the invocation of science will act as such a potent force multiplier in propaganda. Science has become the fundamental meta-narrative that shapes and supplies legitimacy to almost all of our beliefs and values. It is the predominant fount of power, both epistemically, since it is taken to uniquely provide us with true beliefs, as well in its tangible promise of mastery over nature through technology.

In contrast to the Enlightenment project where reason and sensory experience, although secularized and increasingly instrumental, functioned as the basic warrant for what we can coherently hold to be true (something in principle possessed by every human being), it is now rather the infused authority of the myth and symbol of Science that reigns supreme.

While this, again, is far from a novel development, it seems to have been significantly exacerbated by the current situation. Fear and uncertainty, fomented by a global mediatic effort of almost unimaginable proportions, have driven us to embrace that which may protect us and keep us safe. Science is increasingly not just a cohesive narrative according to which we orient ourselves. It is a sacred totem upon which the fragile edifice of democracy, the rule of law and even our physical well-being is erected. The very pillar of civilization and its redemptive progress, without which all is lost.

One immediate effect of using this symbol of science as a foundation for institutional authority is that political dissent immediately becomes associated with ”denying science”. Even moderate opposition to prevailing opinions or policies then places the skeptic in conflict with the very basis of non-trivial true statements about the world around us. Since basic epistemic warrant is now authority rather than common human reason (instrumentalized or not), your arguments are almost irrelevant.

If you dissent, you’re pitting your own mere opinion against the cumulative force of the entire institution of science and its virtuous experts, who always speak with one voice, and whose collective quantity of hours of schooling and pooled knowledge naturally makes your conjectures entirely pointless. Even if the opposition also legitimately invokes science, which is nearly always the case, they are merely the heretical minority against a dominant orthodoxy supported by global mass media.

Science, as a method, is neutral. The worship of science is idolatry. The conclusions that the popularists bring are too often wrong. I agree now, overmuch, with many of the critics of my craft: unless you do not merely acknowledge but know in your bones that the hooker inhaling blow or the poor bastard going through withdrawal from medications were the reason Christ died, you tend to consider them as someone to be managed.

And that will make you subhuman. An orc, making more. I do hold with that.