Why are you still on Facebook?

Delete it from your phone, and your reading list. It is now completely curated. It is terminally woke. Use Gab or Social Galactic instead. Use Telegram instead of messenger. Even normies are now being blocked if they go off the reservation at all.

Facebook will now count activists and journalists as “involuntary” public figures and so increase protections against harassment and bullying targeted at these groups, its global safety chief said in an interview this week.

The social media company, which allows more critical commentary of public figures than of private individuals, says it is changing its approach on the harassment of journalists and “human rights defenders”, who it says are in the public eye due to their work rather than their public personas.

Facebook is under wide-ranging scrutiny from global lawmakers and regulators over its content moderation practices and harms linked to its platforms, with internal documents leaked by a whistleblower forming the basis for a U.S. Senate hearing last week.

How Facebook, which has about 2.8 billion monthly active users, treats public figures and content posted by or about those figures has been an area of intense debate. In recent weeks, the company’s “cross check” system, which the Wall Street Journal reported has the effect of exempting some high-profile users from usual Facebook rules, has been in the spotlight.

Facebook also differentiates between public figures and private individuals in the protections it affords around online discussion: for instance, users are generally allowed to call for the death of a celebrity in discussions on the platform.

The company declined to share a list of other involuntary public figures but said they are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Earlier this year, Facebook said it would remove content celebrating, praising or mocking George Floyd’s death, because he was deemed an involuntary public figure.

Facebook’s Global Head of Safety Antigone Davis said the company was also expanding the types of attacks that it would not allow on public figures on its sites, as part of an effort to reduce attacks disproportionately faced by women, people of color and the LGBTQ community.

Facebook will no longer allow severe and unwanted sexualising content, derogatory sexualised photoshopped images or drawings or direct negative attacks on a person’s appearance, for example, in comments on a public figure’s profile.

The orthodox are trying to get in and ruin everything. They want to control out thoughts, and they are prepared to call usOne of the reasons i had ultra tight commenting rules up was to stop what is happening at Radix Fidem.

This blog is not nearly so private as it once was. It went from ten views per day for a couple of years to more like 100 in recent weeks. Once or twice a post has hit several hundred. I don’t resent people linking to my posts if they believe in the message, but there are plenty of people who really don’t understand our fundamental purpose here.

Yesterday someone left a comment that condemned faith and the Scripture, and demanded that I support white racial identity and Western Civilization. The online community for that kind of thing is far larger than you might expect. Their numbers are much bigger than our Radix Fidem covenant fellowship — exponentially larger, and their activism is surging. Naturally I dumped that comment as spam.

The New Testament churches dealt with Judaizers and evangelistic idolaters, along with oppressive governments. I haven’t faced too many Zionists lately (inheritors of the Judaizer campaign), and pagans have been very scarce, but that ugly comment was a fine example of anti-Christian advocacy. It’s not just the mainstream wokies that will come after us, using the power of Big Tech, because we favor none of the bigger movements.

Most advocacy assumes that we would be open to persuasion. They don’t understand faith at all. In their world, it’s all a matter of what’s in your head or your emotions. They assume that manipulation should work, and when it fails, it’s only because of some moral evil and intransigence.

You can see it everywhere in our world.

While I am at it, avoid the mainstream media. The news is now nothing but an hour of propaganda, completely disconnected from what is happening in real life.

Radix Fidem has now gone quiet. No argument as to this.

I’ve been warning about this for a long time: This blog is going to go silent. There has been a lot of stuff working in the background over the past few weeks. Some of you know about it already. This blog has served its purpose; that purpose is gone. It won’t be actually shut down for a while yet; the archives will remain visible.

I wish that community well. I’m dealing instead, with a mainstream media, social media and political class who have decided that Hitler had some bloody good ideas about no one having freedom of conscience. I want nothing to do with them.

But they will have a vaxxathon on Saturday, because they want everyone to follow them.

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9 days ago

On FB to make it easy to find and chat with old college buddies, old Navy buddies, cousins in different parts of the world. Don’t read articles, don’t post updates, don’t celebrate birthdays, etc. That’s why I was and remain (for now) on FB. I suppose they can use the increased number to sell more ads so there’s about the only downside.

They are, however, making it harder to remain in good conscience, even for such small purposes.

11 days ago

Why was anyone with half a brain ever on fakebook?