At present, we are planning… planning… planning. I have a work phone, and a work laptop. The mandated vaccines come in at midnight, so today I cleared out most of the things that I need from my office. It is not sterile, but it is now minus screens, printers and other things I accumulated over 15 years in the space. What this means is that every thing is in bags, or in boxes, and I cannot find anything.

So I tried to set up the work laptop. Not enough room on the table, not enough connectors. Instead I moved to using plasma… because it is pretty. This took a bit of work. The simplest way is from the command line

sudo pacman -S plasma-meta kde-applications-meta

Nonetheless, I have managed to get the work machine up and running. I am in the process of setting up new emails and zoom accounts and other things I will need to work by distance. I have changed my cellphone provider, which allows us to do distance work if I have internet connections. Not every cellphone provider has coverage around New Zealand: having two boys who live in very rural areas has meant that I know that one major provider does cover everywhere and the other does not.

A visit to the local chain electronic store

The initial thought was that we would get a flip phone. I looked on the internet and saw nokia had a classic flip phone. If you are on Verizon. We don’t live in North America. Verizon does not exist. The alcatel flip phone that was available is not something Kea wants to use. So we are looking at getting at least one new phone. Probably a samsung: Kea has to use it and Kea will make the choice.

Then there were issues around her business. She needs either a tablet or a laptop to run presentations and stream them to a TV. She needs good screens. Here it gets interesting. The best tablet screen in my view are either the leonovo p11 or a ipad pro or the samsung S7. She does not like macs. For the price of any of these you can buy a competent laptop: for the price of the latter two you can buy an excellent laptop.

What will I do? If I can keep my old laptop doing, I will but if it dies, I will get last years specs in a laptop Stuff that is a year old runs linux very well, thank you. Ideally Lenovo. For entertainment, when the kindle dies (it is getting close) I will get a small tablet (8 or 10 inch lenovos look good) that can run Kindle, Kobo, arktoons, and stream music. Movies need, in my view, a big screen.

So we may be there on Black Friday upgrading these things.

Why I am not ordering online

I order my coffee and my meat online, and I am familiar with the local delivery services for supermarkets and Uber Eats. Why then, do I not order electronics online now? The short answer is supply chains. I have had things take months to arrive, to the point where I have forgotten what I asked for. The postal service is unreliable, which is why the man who roasts my coffee delivers it himself. The second short answer is tactile response and colours. I can alter these if I use plasma, and I can calibrate screens. But when it comes to keyboards and mice, then how they feel matters. This is why I use mechanical keyboards and why I am fussy about mice. Thirdly, if you offer cash, face to face, you can get discounts.

We intend to.

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22 days ago

Thanks. I’ve always been interested in Linux, but it wasn’t until the various Ubuntu Distros that I found it easy and possible to install on almost any hardware. I also run it on my virtual servers, again because it’s pretty easy and seems to work well (with infinite tutorials).

If your computers are your main business/work, why not upgrade? Seems like a worthwhile investment if it saves any time or enables you to be more productive.

I appreciate frugality, but my philosophy is that it shouldn’t be a priority if it is related to investing in your business.

23 days ago

What is wrong with all Ubuntu derivatives? I’ve been using Pop! and it claims to be privacy-oriented.